It's always so quiet in here, despite the growing number of members! Here's a random thread for sharing... random thoughts and/or facts.

I'll go first, since I started this.
This morning, the bus driver greeted me with a cheery "good morning", and he waved me goodbye when I got off. That made me smile. Such small things can make a big difference on a gray, rainy morning...

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Whenever I get a bus (which isn't that often, because in Southampton I find you can a lot of the time get around faster by walking), I always want to have the following conversation with the driver:

Me: "I'd like a return ticket, please"

Driver: "Where to?"

Me: "Here"

I always manage to resist the temptation!
Please don't made me smile and I bet the driver would smile or chuckle also.
Dear Calla, I've found such small things help in any weather. Best to you. Jean
...maybe...but much better is, if it´s raining, to have an umbrella with you...




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