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welcome everyone!

So here's me - Aleks, orignially from Croatia, but moved to Austria about 17 years ago, so I'm pretty much assimilated here. Like most European countries Austria is pretty neutral... no big fundis here. Both Austria and Croatia are catholic countries, but the Muslims are taking over - which is a pain in the arse, I gotta admit.

Anyway, so that's me. Living in Vienna, surrounded by pretty intelligent fellow human beings (and some dumb-ass-believers... very annoying e.g. when politicians admit being delusional).

I'm 23 years of age (by tomorrow), and just joined the atheistnexus.

About how I became an Atheist:
well, I think it's best described in my profile...
I was raised by Atheists, was never indoctrinated, so I consider myself lucky in that perspective. Maybe a disadvantage here: I really never understood the need for "faith". So I really do have a hard time understanding what it is like... I was simply born and raised without Santa Clause, the Easter bunny and/or God. My parents used to tell me the truth about everything... from the very beginning. And I never felt like I missed something.

I actually even felt incredibly sorry for the pupils in primary school, when they cried, because they found out that their parents were lying to them about e.g. Santa. I never really understood, why you would do this to your kid in the first place...

So, err... that's it for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask ;)

I'm curious to read your stories!


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...not much to tell about; I´m an Austrian, and grew up as usual. On my fourteenth birthday I cancelled my membership of the roman-catholic church, `cause no one asked me before, if that membership would be okay for me, and because I thought, that it would be a cool act. Several years later, when I really started to think about reasons and became a little bit more open-minded and thoughtful, I realized, what a big gift I´ve made myself by doing so. By now, I´m nearly fifty, and had a long time to think things over, and I found a whole sack of reasons, why there´s no god, but only one, why he maybe exists : simply ´cause man created him...



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