A = negation of  T = theism  O = horizontal equality

This symbol is nicknamed A/T.

More tha 80 official languages and many dialects use the letters A+T as the root letters of the word ATheist.

Look at this multilingual slide-show to find your language:


The discussion is open now:


Many grupos and individuals have already adopted the one I am proposing here.

Please be open minded and exercise your free thought :-) 

And do not think of this symbol as opposed to the religious symbols it is more close to de PEACE (hippy) symbol and the utopian ANARCHIST one. 

Atheistically Yours



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YES, of course

I like it. The Big Red A is good too, but in Denmark it's the traditional symbol of the Social Democrats.
I like the gray one better. What does the green part represent on that one? I think the other one does look a little too much like a peace sign, especially in the colors shown here. Personally, I'm a big fan of the peace symbol. But I'm not sure that's necessarily related to atheism. (Except, you know, in the sense that many wars are fought for stupid religious reasons)

I'm not sure many will understand the term "horizontal equality". I think you may be talking about a non-hierarchical power structure. That's probably a good thing, but I wonder if it's necessarily related to atheism.
From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I think the second symbol looks awesome :) the lower, lighter-green band looks slightly out of place, but other than that it's a beautiful symbol. The first one looks a tad too complex for a symbol that's supposed to trigger an immediate reaction in people - whether good or bad, that's up to people. I suppose it might work as the logo of a publication of sorts, but I can't picture it working as a universal symbol for the whole atheistic movement (if there's any such thing just yet.).
I´d say, NO, as being an Atheist is a state of personal consciusness and mind, and different for everyone; Atheism can´t be taught or instructed like a religion, it has to be found and achieved by everyone on his/her own, thus, as being personal, Atheism doesn´t need any "Flag" or "Sign" to gather around and get identity.
And then, everything wearing a " registered trade mark" tends to be exclusive, which is contradictory to the meaning of Atheism (achievable for everyone); plus, signs tend to produce falsificates camouflaged under said signs...
i find the scarlet "a" is universal enough...

very cool symbols the first one looks like some video game death match sign but cool never the less

The scarlet 'A' is my favourite.


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