I saw this article on the National Secular Society website. It's UK oriented, but worth reading and repeating:

The Vatican and other religious organisations are putting enormous resources into extending their influence in the European Union. It is important that this is balanced by a secularist representation, so we urge all readers of Newsline to vote in the Election on 4th June. In the last European election less than 40 per cent of the electorate voted, so it is vitally important that we support those MEPs who will stand against the encroachment of religious power-seekers in the EU.

The elections are only a month away and it is worth registering to vote and exercising your voice.

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Sure I will go and vote, it will be my first European election.
I'll vote for the Greens.....in my Opinion the Party with the best Understanding of the Current Situation.
Voted today. I went Lib Dem, as ELDR is much bigger outside the UK. What do you guys consider to be the more Atheist friendly parties?
In general I think the liberals do seem to be more rationalist and, therefore, more athiest friendly than the other groups. Voting in Belgium is on Sunday and I am intending to vote OpenVLD which is the main Flemish liberal party
I'm glad. I've had a really hard time trying to convince people to go vote, with limited success.
It seems here in Italy turnout will be quite high, compared to other nations'. Unfortunately, a big share of votes are going to Berlusconi's mafia and church oriented party.
I sincerely hope that progressive and secular parties can pile up interesting numbers.
The church seems to be on the march everywhere. According to this article, the Catholic church has been urguing Polish voters to elect MEPs that will "fully represent the point of view of the Church regarding ethical and social questions"

Hopefully enough people will ignore these sorts of attempts and vote on secular issues and for secular parties. We shall see soon enough
I am very afraid that low turnout and far-right Christian friendly groups (Geert Wilders anyone?) will move Europe towards a scary direction. I really hope not...
This is a very real worry. If the majority of voters stay at home the the extremists and obsessives will end up with a disproportionately high number of MEPs. The more people that vote the better and I do hope that Wilders' success will scare enough moderate voters across the rest of the EU into going out and actually voting for mainstream parties.

We shall see on Sunday
It has been, in my opinion, a complete disaster. It looks like Europe is going to face very tough times in the next 5 years.


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