Below is a link to the Dutch(favorite) TV moment of the year of 2007, one of my favorite moments of television as well. It shows how a Dutch comedian known for his provocative humor gets into conflict with the 3 Muslim presenters of the 'Meiden van Halal' (Halal Chicks) TV show. 

Hans Teeuwen sung a song at the unveiling of a monument in remembrance of the Dutch TV maker Theo van Gogh (who was brutally slain by a Muslim extremist in Amsterdam) where he mentioned the three women in a way that they thought to be offensive and insulting. 

They invited him to their show and put him on the rack, literally, to confront him with his insulting comments. Mr. Teeuwen then gives them by far the best explanation about the importance of freedom of speech and the consequences of censorship that I've heard so far.


Hans Teeuwen vs. the Halal Chicks

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