Now it's not just children that suffer. Two nuns from the Marie Hjerte covent in Denmark have told the press how their abbess locked an elderly nun suffering from senile dementia out in the winter cold. The poor old woman died and the two nuns were told to lie to the authorities about what happened. It seems that no-one is safe in the "loving arms" of the Catholic church.

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Just remember, what the Crusaders said after the siege of Jerusalem a thousand years ago : kill them all, the faithful and the unfaithful citizens; god will sort out his people later...
So, wonder about anything ? It surely was only an act of mercy, helping the old girl to reach the well earned paradise a little bit earlyer...bruhuahuahua, no doubt, bitches like this abess will go to heaven in their supposed afterlife, as no self-respecting devil would let those dirty assholes in his nice, clean hell - they could really have a bad influence on his other clients...




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