When watching my speech, I find out, that intentionally I use words or phrases, that are not correct for someone who doesn´t believe in "a god"...

as for example my god, thank god or else, in my own language (if someone understands german) more clearly "...um Gottes willen, Gottseidank, mein Gott !, etc....

sometimes I can avoid this, but most of the time I simply don´t care, and all other (non-atheists) people use these phrases too, it´s maybe a relic of growing-up-times and so often heard speech, but it´s very hard to get rid off this diction...

I would like to hear, if anyone of yours has similar problems, or if you even care...

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There are certain ones that I try to avoid that are really hard to avoid. For example, "creation" referring to all that *is*. Even the word "creatures" bothers me. There are definitely others, but they're not coming to mind at this late hour.
I have the same 'problem', except I don't consider it a problem. Merely a habit I don't care about at all.

My math teacher used to swear in Zeus' name, and he probably didn't believe in the Greek pantheon, so...




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