The last few months the in the past well-hidden cases of paedophilia and child-maltreatment inside institutions of mainly the roman-catholic church have got the attention of European people, which lead, for example, the dismissal of bishop Mixa in Germany (though after a long period the pope tried to refuse) and some legal charges against some clerics and monks in Austria.

As these cases tend to become public more and more all over the world, what´s your opinion ? Are there some "special" reasons for these things to happen when "the church" is involved, or are they to be seen as quite as common (though to be refused) as within secular institutions, like schools and other ? Is there a reason why victims seem to be more quiet about their treatment if the church is involved ? Is the state of a cleric definitely attracting to paedophile people, due to "being a person of children´s and parents trust" ?

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Not only in Catholic Church. Lately many cases of sexual harassment and paedophilia have been revealed within Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland.

In just a week and a half, an investigator in the Evangelical Lutheran Church looking into the matter has learned of more than 20 new cases of sexual abuse.

Yes, I think that victims keep more quiet because church and it's "moral" and "holy" men are involved.




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