Here are my two 5-year old beagles! I love me some dog! :-)

*don't start any nasty rumors about my pagan symbol of winter!*

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Misty, my love!
OMG is she part chow? Beautiful :)

He is handsome!


All I can say is: I LOVE DOGS! (specially my five year old harlequin great dane named Bono). Parakeets, parrots, canaries, and all sorts of assorted birds have a special place in my heart too but Bono is el número uno. :)

Sorry for that last pic, Bono used to be a little underweight while growing up but now I'm afraid he's developing a sizeable tummy...which is quite weird for a great dane lol

edit: I like pet mice, rabbits and hamsters too, unfortunately Bono seems to believe he's a cat when it comes to socializing with rodents :(
btw, I have nothing against cats, actually I had two a long long time's just, you know, I'm a dog person. ;)
What a big ol' hunk-a-luv. I'm a dog person too, I have had cats, and they are lovely, but dogs and people are like peas and carrots, perfect for each other.
That dog looks as tall as me! :)
I have heard Great Danes are big babies, very easy going and loving. Love the black patch around the eye, so cool.
Very true! Great danes are called the "gentle giants" but they can be very protective too (I wouldn't want to be a burglar breaking into a great dane's owner home).

I'm 5'5 and Bono is a bit taller when he stands on his two hind legs. (he's five years old too,like your beagles :)

btw,nice dogs, I used to baby-sit one of my cousin's beagles named Bruno a few years ago. The little rascal was hyperactive but charming and smart. :)
He's gorgeous!! I love his 'I am king' pose in the third pic ;)
nice Xmas tree lol...but you know, I think you got ripped with that pair of reindeer dolls,they're missing the antlers....and Rudolph's nose isn't even red! why,I bet those were made in China. ;)
Those 2 reindeer were really cheap though. ;-)
Here's Ginger...she is my 2 year old baby, a red and white. Don't you just adore having beagles?

We actually had a scare today...I'm certain she had a seizure. I felt so helpless...

she's spoiled. AARROOOOOO

Sorry kids, she ate the easter bunny....

Beagles are awesome! Your Ginger looks like a cute lil girl. You said she had a seizure, eek! I think I would die if one of my beagle boys had one. I hope she is okay and I hope you are too :-)!!




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