Here are my two 5-year old beagles! I love me some dog! :-)

*don't start any nasty rumors about my pagan symbol of winter!*

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This is Mauser. He's a Mauser. (Half Giant Schnauzer half Great English Mastiff. And yes, I named my dog after his breed.) He's 4 years, and such a great dog.

This is Moxie. She is also a Mauser, and she is 7 months old (maybe 6 in the picture?). She is getting attacked by her litter brother, Moses, who isn't mine. Moxie and Mauser are half siblings.

This is Moses. He isn't mine. He is the same age as Moxie. He's skiny as a rail, even tho he eats a lot. Moxie on the other hand, is fat, and she eats normally. It's very odd.

Starting from the bottom and working up. Moxie, Mauser, Zora, Tooey, and the dog you can't really see is Izabella. Zora is 11 months I believe. Tooey is 9 or 10 years. No one really knows for sure, and I have no idea how old Izabella is. They are all Mausers, and all related in one way or another. I believe they all had the same sire.
So cute! ^__^

My baby, Peeper aka Fluffy. He's a little odd looking, but I love him anyway. He has skin cancer, had it about 6 years or maybe longer.

I can't wait to go home next weekend to see Torpedo again. :) They do grow so fast! Tomorrow he'll be 5 months old!

This is Santa! She like to be in the oddest places.

The demanding one, Stewie!
This is Mr.P, Puck, or The Puca. He's the friendliest cat I've ever had.

This is my Izzie Wiz. I don't think I've ever loved a dog so much.

Mackenzie - a beagle/basset hound mix. Nose to the ground all the time!

This picture is about a couple months old...he's almost 7 months old now. Actually, he'll be 7 months old on Saturday! We're excited, this is going to be his first Thanksgiving. Something tells me he will enjoy
Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster they are cute. :)
This was taken at our local SPCA where my family adopted Torpedo back in June '08. The pic (obviously) was taken in early December. He's about 7 1/2 months old in this pic. Now he's 9months old and 67lbs!

Cute! I don't have a pug, but I have lots of pictures of my ex-husband's pug, Buddha, on my blog. I love pugs.
I have a 7yo Chihuahua/Pit mix (best guess) Chica and 1 yo English Springer Spaniel Briscoe. Chica is my best girl and the boy has only been in my home for 4 months. He's an idiot. Other Springer people have told me that on their 3rd birthday, the big brown truck comes & delivers all the Springer boys their brains. Fingers crossed!! But I love my critters. Oh yeah, the kitty, Mia, too.


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