Here are my two 5-year old beagles! I love me some dog! :-)

*don't start any nasty rumors about my pagan symbol of winter!*

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aw, I love the pic with the feather:)
haha..those are bunny ears I was wearing to hide eggs for the pagan fertility festival Christians call easter ;) and she attacked them off my head and killed them...
My favorite picture is the one I use for my avatar. Here's a similar one from the same photo shoot, It's obvious who is in charge around here.

Who's in charge? why certainly not you lol
Whether or not somebody is an animal lover is a much better gauge of how much love they have in their hearts than whether or not they believe in sky fairies. Your doggies are all adorable. My dogs are always mutts that I fall in love with at Petsmart on adoption day. We just adopted Ringo back in March. He's cockapoo mixed with who knows what else but he is definitely a lovable little muffin.

he reminds me of Cookie Monster :)
and he has a sock monkey...Ginger's favorite. You are right about level of respect for animals being a good gauge of character.
What a cutie.... I want to scoop up all of the dogs and cats at pet smart and bring them home.
Awww...I had a white rat named Maelgwynne about 10 years ago. She was one of the coolest pets I've had. She loved to sit on my shoulder while I did house stuff.
hooray! Yes, that's what I thought too :)

How long is the life span of a rat?
When Bono turned five I had that same thought. It's paradoxical, isn't it? Always with pets it's we are worried because we know they aren't going to be with us for very long (like in the case of dogs and mice) or we're worried because they're going to live longer than us (like with turtles and some types of birds).

In any case, having a pet is worth it and although Bono isn't going to be with me forever I wouldn't change him for anything or anyone.
I love rats! My filigree hamster, Basil (only funny if you ever watched Fawlty Towers), helped me through the first two years of college. She looked just like the one on the bottom right, except she was a she... She used to sit on the arm of the chair while I ate dinner, politely waiting until I gave her some of it. Unfortunately, she only lived about two years, which I think is about the lifespan of the domestic ones.




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