Here are my two 5-year old beagles! I love me some dog! :-)

*don't start any nasty rumors about my pagan symbol of winter!*

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I hope you don't mind this, I just couldn't resist myself. I like to call this caption, "Malevolent Moggy" :)

Haha! I love it! That's so him, too. He just sits, stares, gets all twitchy, and does the staccato-meow thing. The Boyfriend also loved the Malevolent Moggy reworking. Excellent!
My three companions: Lisbeth the 6 toed cat, Sarah the maternal and Mouse the former feral.
Kittens! :)
Here are my 3 Chihuahuas...Fidel, Reina, and their son Pablo! My 3 Amigos!
What gorgeous eyes!
I just had tears running down my face. You should join the Nexus Comedy Club!
Shadow! WOW, he is handsome! I had a female black lab from 1990 till 2001 when she died...Not a fun time. However, I now have my brother's dog living with me TATER! TATER is wonderful, he listens, he never gets mad at the Chihuahuas who pester him in one way or another all the time, and at 10 years old he is still a solid 85lbs of pure athletic yellow Lab!
Does Shadow like catching a Frisbee?
Oh! Now he is cute ^^
Love the pink nose!
I'm so sorry to hear about your black lab. Tater is gorgeous! Labs are so laid back. It's a good thing.

That picture would make a beautiful computer wallpaper, btw.
OMG, Shadow is gorgeous. I love black labs.




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