I have a black dog named Buddy. Not sure what kind he is. His previous owners didnt know either. So well that left me not knowing.

I have him because I am a dog person. I plan to have many more in the future :D

How about you?

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I have two ancient cats that still live with my ex-husband. My roommates already had two cats when I moved in so mine couldn't be brought over. I also have a darling porcupine puffer, a purple tang, and a regal tang. Fortunately, I was able to move them in with us. I also have countless mini and micro starfish and brittle stars as well as one large serpent star.

I have cats because they needed humans and I can't say no to a fuzzy critter. I have Porky and his salty pals because I'm fascinated by ocean life.
I have a four year old dog and a seven month old dog. They are both Mausers (Half Giant Schnauzer half Great English Mastiff.), and they're half-siblings. I love 'em to death. They are so silly, in fact, ever single one that I've met (Eight total) is just super sweet and goofy.
My family has a 4-month old Shar-pei named Torpedo. And yes, he lives up to his name. :) My little sister picked him out at our local SPCA back in June. Since then he's grown so big...and become quite spoiled.

He was a little scared at first when they brought him home, but I think as soon as he saw the backyard he was happy. Torpedo loves to roll in the grass, chew on sticks, help pull weeds, etc; I think he'd live outside if it didn't rain (shar-peis don't like water at all).

He loves going for a run around the block and playing with his toys until he destroys them (that poor little duckie... ;) ) He's got the cute puppy look down and I think the whole neighborhood just adores him. ;) Torpedo loves ice cubes, food, more food, yet more food, begging for food, and getting into our bedrooms and taking things he knows he shouldn't because he then takes off running around the house. *lol*

I'm away at grad school right now, but I can't wait to go home and see him again. I have a pic of him on my desktop and my cellphone wallpapers.

This is a pic of Torpedo sleeping in his bed at about 3 months old. I love this pic because he just looks too cute, plus he rarely sleeps in his bed (which he's grown out of by now).

This pic was taken at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, MD just after we got him (so about 8-10 weeks old in this pic). He loves to play in the sand apparently. :)
I grew up in a family that always had cats, so it was only natural that after 4.5 years of cat-less Undergrad (no animals aside from fish allowed in dorms), that I would carry that tradition on.

My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment, and we decided to adopted a sibling pair from a local rescue. They were 4 months old, hand-raised, and absolutely adorable. The coolest bit of all was that both the male and female sibling (obviously fixed) were orange tabbies! Our girl, whom we named Maggie - was a ginger female! The other one, a darker ginger male, we've named Chuck. They were so adorable, extremely gentle, and VERY talkative. Both would walk through the house chattering to us and each other.

Unfortunately, Maggie took ill just after she turned a year old June of this year. We weren't sure what it was at first, but she lost a lot of weight, and just looked miserable. The vet finally told us that she had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). We put her to sleep later that week, which was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do; but it was completely necessary.

So now we just have Chuck, who is HUGE, at barely a year and a half old - at least 20 lbs of cat! He's still talkative, and he does this really cool thing with his paws where if you even look at him and say his name, he'll start kneading the air. He's VERY attached to my boyfriend - the poor guy can't go to bed or even get a shower without the cat being with him; or else Chuck will stand outside the door and meow loudly until he's given his way.

I have no clue what I would do if I couldn't live with a cat. They're just really great to have around!
Right now I live with 4 cats and a chocolate lab, even tho only 2 cats are mine. I have a black fluffy cat named Peeper who has skin cancer, and a gray and white shorthair I call Midget. I also have a ball python named Mojo Jojo, 5 tarantulas (Pickles-texas brown, Princess-rosehair, Killer-mexican redrump, Murderface-mexican flame knee, and Toki-zebra), an emperor scorpion named Napoleon, a rat named Rat Baby, 2 mice (Mama and Daddy), a praying mantis I caught recently, a turtle, 3 bettas, a rosy barb, and a mystery spider/tarantula/whatever it is. I'd probably have more if room allowed. Friendly folks tho, my dog loves my cats, my barb lives with my turtle (about 3 years now), and my rat and mice live together. My boyfriend doesn't appreciate all my companions but I may be rubbing off as he now has 2 cats, and his 3 year old daughter loves my little zoo (now all spiders to her are called Pickles as he is her fave). He actually gets her to behave by promising a visit to see Pickles and the rats:P
I have two cats. Stewie is a black domestic short hair. He is a very loud kitty that starts the day with loud demands at 5:00 a.m. My other kitty is Santa, who I adopted from the shelter. I guess she's technically a zombie since she was raised from the dead while being spayed. She is a silver tabby with a lot of attitude.
I've had pets pretty much my entire life. I love animals and in many ways like them more then people. When I was a child we had fish, lizards, a hamster, rats, dogs and cats. Right now I have one cat and one dog. Our apartment is too tiny to justify other pets and my husband has threatened to move out if I bring anymore home. We had three cats and one dog in here at one point so I don't blame him. I had to rehome two fo the kitties because I didn't think it was fair to keep all of them cramped in here with out enough attention to really go around.

If I had a larger place on some land I would consider fostering rescue animals.

The cat I have now was a guilt present my father gave me when he rehomed the cat I had as a teenager with out telling me. I'd moved out of the house and was waiting to finish school before moving the cat in with me (I was having trouble feeding myself at that point). Um....I sorta chewed him out on the phone for being dishonest with me about the cat... and well...he showed up a few weeks later with a little orange kitten and enough cat food to last him for a few months. Being responsible for the little guy helped me get through what had been a low point in my life.

My dog was originally one of two puppies a friend of mine had adopted from a woman that had something like 10+ small dogs. She was just sorta letting them breed and I guess her daughter eventually had to convince her to rehome a few of them. Anyways my friend had her hands full with the two puppies who were more difficult as a pair than she bargained for. I was already really attached to one of them so it just seemed natural that she'd come stay with me. I must say that I never knew that an animal could bond with me the way my dog has. She really is very much *my* dog.
I have a Pharaoh Hound and a White German Shepherd. I previously had another Pharaoh Hound, but he died this year, and I got a rescue who is 3 years old. The WGSD is 9.

I wanted unique dogs but didn't realize at the time that unique dogs make people come ask questions which I hate. They never get it and I hate talking to strangers. At the dog park, they ask what the dogs are and what their names are but never introduce themselves to me. That's funny.

They're both beautiful though and I love them very much.
I have a standard stupid/fat/lazy housecat, no fancy breed. Her name is pepper, and she will be 9 years old in april.

I also have a red/white Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Daisy. She will be 5 in april. My husband was never allowed to have a dog growing up bc of his mom's allergies, so he had cats, always, and thats it. So bc of that he wasnt ever 'into' dogs. I wanted one, and he agreed to let me get one, as long as he could pick the breed because he wasn't a fan of big dogs. I guess having small cats all that time, big dogs seemed like an intimidating thing to have. So he started researching online and came across corgis. he called me in the room and said chuckling, hey look at these little low-rider dogs! I instantly loved them and wanted one. We found a breeder an hour away and he got daisy for my mother's day gift. She is the best dog I've ever owned, and any other dogs I get will probably be corgis. She is *SO* smart. They aren't a rare breed, but they aren't terribly common, so imagine my surprise when we moved into our new house and our next door neighbors also had one! =)

2 pics below:
I've been a cat lover for as long as I can remember and have had a cat of some sort in my house for over 45 years. We have three cats, a 7 year old (Gracie), an 8 year old (Harley) and a 2 year old (Lucy). The youngster is severely overweight and was that way when we got her from the shelter. She'd been living there since she was a baby and eating was the only thing she could do out of boredom. She wasn't able to run around and exercise. We're working on getting her weight down, but it's no easier for a cat to diet than it is for me. You can see our girls here...

Two Goldens (there IS a god and he created Golden’s) other than that HE doesn’t exist ;-). Playful, infinitely trainable, smart as a whip and even when they’re 60lbs they still want to be lap dogs (voice getting higher ;-0)




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