I have a black dog named Buddy. Not sure what kind he is. His previous owners didnt know either. So well that left me not knowing.

I have him because I am a dog person. I plan to have many more in the future :D

How about you?

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I have a pet African millipede named Toleo ey Luna, I call he Toe. She dosnt bite or jump or any thing creepy like that. The worst thing she does is poop if you scare her. I call her my lil fat chick. Shes a decompose r but loves strawberries. Why a millipede? Easy to take care of and fascinating. I also have snails which are pretty kick ass as well.
She's adorable! So is Princess Chunky. My mother has had a Nanday conure, Opus, for about the last 18 years, and over they years they've thought he was a she or she was a he for various reasons, but he's never laid an egg, and they haven't gotten her surgically sexed, so they still don't know for sure. Right now they're calling him a him.




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