I have a black dog named Buddy. Not sure what kind he is. His previous owners didnt know either. So well that left me not knowing.

I have him because I am a dog person. I plan to have many more in the future :D

How about you?

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aw, my first pet was a chihuahua named Tito..sniff..
I'm currently owned by five cats. I'm waiting until I retire so I can get a dog - I work during the day and can't be there to walk/interact with a canine. Cats are easy - as long as the bowls are full, the water is fresh, and the litter box is clean, the human slave is free to go off to work.
Ditto. Unfortunately retirement is many years away, yet. Oh, and we only have four cats...
I have three cats, Moogle-mama and her two kittens, Spork and Twisp. (She had a third kitten, named Sparty, but he was re-homed.)

Moogle appeard on our doorstep one evening just over a year ago, tiny, skinny and very very hungry. So we took her in to feed her - and she never left. Six weeks later, after watching her grow, she had four kittens, Sparty, Spork, Twisp and then a still-birth. We think Moogle was adandoned when her family moved, because she was obviously house-trained and very affectionate.

I swear, if I'd found her original family, they'd have gotten more than a piece of my mind.

As far as we know, our cats are just moggies.

Moogle is pure black, right down to her nose and pads, sleek with bright green eyes. She's very nosey, always opening any cupboard she finds, climbing things, watching things. One of her favorite games is 'sudden-cat', where she'll hide on top of a cupboard and then jump on whomever walks underneath her. Occasionally, because she's still young, she'll go nuts with a toy XD

Spork is common-tabby, black and brown, with big butterfly swirls on his shoulders, pink nose and pads and dull-gold eyes. He is the dumbest cat I have ever met in my life (and I've known a few) but he's incredibly affectionate and definately a lap-cat. He's also very timid - it's taken an awful lot of work to get him used to the garden and going outside, but he does it now, though any sudden noises and he'll scarper into the house again. He's also under the impression that he's a dog - you can play fetch with him!

Twisp is herring-bone tabby, grey and black and brown, with pretty good tiger stripes, pink nose and pads and dull-gold eyes. She is conflicted, her tail is always going, whether she purring at you, half alseep or playing with a toy it's flipping from side to side all the time. She's the claw-beast of the family, apparently unaware that claws hurt - she doesn't do it nastily, she just forgets she's got them. She's also a Prima-Donna, treating everything - including her mom and brothers food - as her own! She's developed a little saggy belly, that causes much amusement when she waddles around.

Sparty was re-homed at about four months and I've not seen him since. In fact, Spork was supposed to be re-homed, but the person who was going to take him, couldn't, so we ended up keeping him! Sparty was pure black, but for a patch of white fluff on his breast - and he was very fluffy, unlike his siblings.

We've recently moved back in with the parents, and they own a fifteen year old ginger-tabby named Oscar, who is very ornery. They've all started getting used to each other now, Oscar seems to just ignore the invaders into his territory - but apparently, he's not as bored as he used to be XD
Pugs are the greatest. Probably the only breed I could convince my husband to get. My ex-husband has asked me to take care of their pug, Buddha, should anything ever happen to him and his partner. Since they now have a bengal cat who is inseparable from Buddha, I think we would be probably (but hopefully never) be getting a twofer.
oh my goodness...that is so sweet! Maybe one day I'll have to drop subtle hints to my boyfriend... ;)
I can't have any pets in my current flat in the UK, but I have two cats (originally 3) back in my family's house in Mexico. There's also a golden retriever, but I don't feel it's my pet since I don't interact with it very much.

I'd do anything to get a cat over here, but I know it'd be a pretty bad idea (what with me going back to Mexico every holiday and all). I feel I can be pretty happy playing and fooling around with cats for hours on end without having to leave my house, and cat's curiosity is pretty funny to watch, I remember we used to find one of my cats around the top bookshelf of the tv room, a good 3 metres off the ground, and she never once fell.

I also think that cats are sleeker and more elegant than dogs, which you have to admit are pretty darned clumsy, but obviously that's just my opinion. What is true though is that cats are infinitely cleaner, litter training a kitten takes all of 30 seconds (yes, really, dog owners!) and you can't quite beat an animal that cleans itself and already has a high regard for its own hygiene.

A lot of people think that cats are colder or less affectionate than dogs, but, let me tell you, my cat back in Mexico always, and I mean ALWAYS, went to the garage window in the morning to see me pull out and go to school, and another cat would always come downstairs to meet my mom when she came home, just to say hi. My cat comes when I call her, and only when *I * call her but, importantly, not always, only when she wants to (which is most of the time), which I like to think makes her less of a slave and more like a friend.
Miles is a Belgian Shepherd (adopted from the New Orleans shelter - I admit, as a 6-week-old puppy - couldn't resist). He's the Alpha when my husband isn't home - looks like a hyena when anyone approaches. But he's afraid of the wind...
Frankie is a lab/pit bull mix (got him from a puppy-mill family in Bridge City, LA. - 11th litter - should've taken the mama as well, right?). He's the dumbest animal ever, but he has the greatest heart. When Miles barks, Frankie barks at ME ("Do you know that Miles is barking?").
Colette is a 17-year-old cat (adopted from the New Orleans shelter). She pisses in her food dish so the dogs won't eat her food.
I have five cats and a large, sweet, slightly spastic mixed-breed dog who is the colors of pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Given the number of cats, I've just purchased one of those CatGenie flushing, self-cleaning litter pans. (I'll let you guys know how it works out.)

I also have three snakes, one of whom you can see in my user pic. They're clean, quiet, and undemanding. While I do love my snakes, I am aware that they're reptiles and that they only tolerate me for the body heat. (This is a very, very good thing to keep in mind when you've a snake that is large enough to kill you, like my big guy, Floyd.)

Like quite a few of you, I tend to like my fur-legged animals more than the two-legged variety.
I have a female Boston Terrier who is going on 10 years old, and a male Boxer who is going on 2. We got the Boston because my wife grew up with them.....i grew up with Golden Retrievers and generally don't care for smaller dogs...(i mean that in the nicest way....) but I fell in love with Bostons after getting her.

Having always wanted a Boxer, and really wanting a bigger dog, we got Milo last year when we thought our daughter would be old enough to appreciate him and could grow up with him.....it's worked out wonderfully!!
I have two cats.

I wasn't allowed to have a pet growing up, and I was pretty bitter about that. So when I finally had the chance to secure an apartment that allowed pets at all, it only allowed cats, and I got Lidja. My various living arrangements have either not allowed dogs, or just not made any sense for dogs (like our current tiny, third-floor flat), so I continue to just have cats. I would be open to smaller pets (would love rats!) but Tycho is just too destructive and I can't trust him around anything that we can't afford to break or lose. Though I'm having a baby pretty soon so wish me luck.
I have compost worms. They make fantastic pets. I've taught them to roll over, play dead, sit, fetch and play hide 'n' seek (try teaching a dog that). It takes a keen eye to spot the difference between these tricks but I'm sure I can tell the difference. :))

They eat all of my organic waste. Because I will only get one life on one world I feel obligated to leave this world as good as I found it. They eat so much that I only have to put my bin out once a quarter or so. They thrive on neglect. You just feed them a wet newspaper and they're right for a few weeks if it's not too hot.

I can't really pat them though. Apparently touching them can make them infertile. Something to do with oil from human fingers not agreeing with their genitals... not that I deliberately pat their genitals, honest.




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