All of our pets have had accidents... housebreaking, vomit, bringing in that stinky clump of "WTF" in from outside...

What do you guys use to keep your place fresh after some of these stinky issues?

We have used 'natures best' for a long time BUT just a few months ago, our pet store owner introduced us to this:

Microbe Clean - Multipurpose carpet cleaner/odor eliminator
Georgetown Environmental group
Retail: $7.99 - $9.99 (32 oz)

This cleaner is great for stains! One of my little guys likes to get sick under stuff...I don't see it sometimes until it is a day or so old. This spray gets ALL of the stain out. Just follow the instructions :-)

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I've found that the dump down the street is the best odor eliminator. We have 2 dogs and a 17 year old cat. The cat tries to claim our 4 year old kid as her own. Stuffed animals seem to be target. Sometimes nothing works (and I've tried everything).
I've always just used vinegar and baking soda, but then I can't stand carpet and refuse to live with it, so I can't speak to how well it work with that.
Febreeze rocks. It can be used after cleaning to take the smell out of all kinds of stuff. I use it on blankets, litter, decorative pillows, other places, and a musty corner behind furniture. It always immediately takes away the smell. I don't know about putting it on stuffed animals. It takes the smell out, but then you have a germy stuffed animal coated in chemicals for the kid to play with.
I use Woolite Pet Oxygen with a wash cloth. Resolve or Carbona (similar bottles) Oxy Powered Cleaner is good too, it comes with a brush.

Nature's Miracle is always the most recommended product I have seen but I can NOT recommend it. It requires that you "saturate the area" and that simply can't be done without soaking the carpet and in reality it just spreads the stain out over the size of the amount you pour in the carpet. I ended up having to have it professionally cleaned (new dog, many accidents).
We’ve had success with ODOBAN. Smells good and woks too.




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