Hi folks, this is a link to a BBC documentary about historical trials of animals ...

It is fascinating in the connections between the "logic" of religious thought and

so-called secular courst of the time... some disturbing stuff - so be FOREWARNED!

Still a very interesting listen.

  Why post this on A/N? My motivation was to further expose how silly and bizarre religious ideas have influenced institutions we like to think of as removed from the "Woo Woo" are actually tied up with it.

Here is the blurb:

In 1750, Jacques Ferron was convicted of coupling with a female donkey in France.

Both he and the donkey would face certain execution.

However the parish priest petitioned for the court to show mercy, unfortunately for Ferron the priest would only vouch for the good character of the animal.

The donkey was spared and Ferron was burned alive.

Throughout history donkeys, pigs, dogs, rats, even insects have been put on trial and some convicted and sentenced.

Crime thriller writer and former solicitor Frances Fyfield looks at these extraordinary cases of animals in court.


Not available indefinately - fyi - Likely only around for a week or so - that's how BBC works.

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It bothers me enough to know that animals, especially cats, were tortured to procure confessions as familiars.

I'll make time to check this out. Thanks for the link!

Yes, there is some mention of 'familiars' ...I hope you enjoy it. I found it quite fascinating.




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