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...and they don't go to the gym with their brother to play basketball two weeks before they leave for Europe and come home with a broken hand.

Nah, didn't happen here. Uh uh. Never. My sons are not that stupid. Nah.
Don’t hold grudges;
Love you unconditionally;
Always glad to see you;
Don’t get STD’s
And certainly don't ask you to play "Delta Force" for them for two hours when you return home tired after 12 hours of work.
This is becoming complaining parent's club perhaps.
...don't scream incessently when you take a pen (that they will surely poke their eye out with) away from them
1. Are so obvious. When cat's pretend to love you, you know they want their food. When dogs pretend to love you, you know they just love you.
2. Are so easy to please (dogs). All it takes is a biscuit. Or a scratching behind the ears, or especially a scratching on the tummy.
3. Occasionally kill mice (cats). How many kids kill mice and leave them on the doorstep?
4. Gently wake you in the morning with purring (cats) or with their nose on the bed about 1 inch from mine (dogs).
5. Bark and run around in circles when you get home (dogs).
6. Bark and keep away intruders (dogs).
7. When you go on vacation, you can leave them at the kennel (dogs) or if it's just a few days, just leave extra food and water (cats).
8. Never complain about anything (dogs).
Nice add on. I just love my dogs!
Thanks. I should add,
9. Dogs are good for cleaning plates before you put them into the dishwasher. Sparkly clean!
Good One! It is hard to tell that the plate has even been used when my dogs get done with them.
We must have the wrong cat, she is out for hours at a time with some guy across the street and cries if she doesn't get her way. If my son thought he could get by with it he would surly kill a mouse and give it as a gift. Would a cat wrap it for you? She does not wake me gently, if crying doesn't work she head buts, first my hands then her butt to my face. Right now she is holding me down so she can sleep. Still adore her.
They don't bitch when you give them a bad haircut.
You must've seen seen my poodle (^_-)




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