I love it when my dog noses my shoes and her leash when she's ready to go out. Or how she'll greet anybody who comes into our home with her "awesome" bone or toy.

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How cute they look when they are asleep. They don't do any tricks or have cute mannerisms.
My fave Golden moment is when I go outside on the back deck. My Male Golden comes right over to my right side and sits on the stairs with his long rear legs hanging over the top stair, front legs on the first stair and pushes his head against my leg. I’ve tried valiantly to resist but I M-U-S-T starting petting his head. I’m hopelessly addicted.
There are too many to pick just one. I loved it when Snoopy (rip) would open presents because he loved doing that, or how he'd knock over the dirty clothes hamper and spread them out to make a bed (lol). How he would slam the laundry room door closed with his head when he was upset, lmao.

I love watching Torpedo grow up. I was too young when we got Snoopy to remember him as a puppy. I loved watching Torpedo learn how to go down the stairs. I absolutely get a kick out of him when ever he gets a treat. His curly little tail starts shaking on his back, he'll find a good spot for it, drop the treat, and then proceed to play with it, batting at it with his paws, you know to make sure it's really dead. ;) I love how utterly excited he is whenever someone comes home. I find it adorable how he'll drag around the Ravens blanket he claimed from my dad like it's his blankie... ^__^

Oh yeah. I love watching my boyfriend's new kitten batting an empty large water bottle around on the floor. *lmao*
I have three cats and three dogs. So I am never deprived of somebody to sit in my lap or make me go for a walk, even when I don't feel like it.
I love to watch Sully, our Great Dane, as his big goofy eyes flash back and forth from my husband and I to the love seat we're sitting on. The love seat he's not allowed on. They go back and forth until he finally creeps around the coffee table and then BAM he's in our laps, rolled over onto his side with his head propped up on the arm rest. One of us scratches his butt and the other rubs his ears because he's too darn cute.

And I love our Jack Russell, Daisy's lazy attitude. Because I could NOT have a normal Jack Russell! :) She's a gem.

I love to watch the guinea pigs eat because they suck down hay at an alarming rate. And I love to watch the two budgies interact with the birds that fly by their huge window.
Right now I have two Goldens lying across my feet as I type. If you have Goldens, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a great feeling.
I love some of the expressions the cat gets on his face, and some of his well timed meows. It's almost like we have a bitter little man around.

I love the way that the dog looks when she's sleeping, the fact that she drags her stuffed puppy into bed with her, and the fact that she sits in an upright position in order to indicate things she wants.
I love it when both my smaller dogs crawl on the bellies to me.
when my cat comes to the door wanting to come in and scratches at the door and meows and it sounds like he is saying "its millow." Millow is his name by the way.
I love the companionship my three cats give me. I work off site at home so I don't go out much and communication within the department is through email. The girls are always sleeping in my office with me while I work and one of them has her basket right beside my work desk so I can just reach over and give her a pat once in a while.




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