I am a pet owner, but not one of those who really delves into the psychology of them. Our cat is licking the dogs face. She even put her front paws on there so she could hold on and do it.
Cats don't lick too often, but does anyone know why she would do this with the dog?

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Any cat I've had was frequently licking. The cat we have now occasionally tries to clean our dog, but the dog hates it. Sometimes he (the cat) jumps on the back of the couch and tries to clean us.
She's just grooming the dog. If the dog objects the cat will know about it PDQ. :)
So far he accepts it.

They look like they belong together - matching color patterns! Cool!
By doing this for the dog she is also showing affection. Which did you have 1st. the cat or the dog?
We had the dog first, but he was outside more until the weather got cooler. She is also the younger pet. It is sad for me that she will try and play with mister lonely all the time (he wants 24/7 attention) and he rebuffs her by barking or leaving when she tries to play with him.
Funny, in our house it's the exact opposite. 2 of our 5 lap dogs are lickers and they lick the cats all the time...and the other dogs...and us. They are father and son so maybe genetic?




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