Just stopping by for a little fond reminiscence of my 8th grade science textbook.  Does anyone else on here remember using this one?  It's called "Explore God's Creation".

It's funny, because the text was old when I used it.  But that was eleven years ago, and they are still using the same book!  It's the same edition and everything.  No really, that is still the most current edition.  All these years an no need for updates!  But that's okay, because the Word of God is unchanging.  ;)

It's funny, too, because I have told my fiance for months that Adventist schools are child abuse, and this book is what it finally took to convince her.  Yet I call the reminiscence "fond" because it was chapter 8, section 3 that put me on the path that eventually led me to atheism.  Here is some poor Adventist school teacher's slides from that chapter...


And when I look back at it, it is obvious to me how I ended up where I am today.  Even then, with every bias against honest reason, and no prior exposure to biology, it was clear to me which was a load of crap and which was truth.  Just thought someone else might also enjoy looking back that that experience.  :)

Also, for kicks and giggles, here is a Prezi written by some seventh or eighth grade girls who were using this book.  Apparently, "Naturalistic evolution says that life on Earth came from outer space, but we as SDA's don't believe that."  HA!


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Yep, I remember that one.

Somehow I got to use an actual science text book in my SDA school.  It even had a chapter on evolution in it.  The teacher prefaced the material by stating we had to understand it, but we did not have to believe it.  I guess I got lucky.

Was that in high school or before? My high school biology textbook was the state mandated text and included a chapter on evolution that we skipped, the teacher also piled on so much homework that we didn't have time to read it on our own. In elementary and middle school it was all denominationally produced textbooks for science classes.

My recollection was that it was in 7th/8th grade, but I may be confusing it with 10th grade Biology.  The teacher would have been the same person.

Ditto.  But I somehow convinced my teacher to let me borrow the 10th grade biology text over the summer so I could read the rest of it.  ;)

Funny, I don't remember evolution being broached at all. It's almost as if they just ignored that major part of science hoping we wouldn't ask about it... Once I became an atheist, I started looking back and trying to see what we believed, but I think the "where did we come from" questions were mostly answered in Bible class, not science...

Where they belong, clearly.  It was never discussed in any of my high school classes.  Just in middle school.

I guess you're a bit younger than I am.  :-) 

I recall my SDA-produced 6th-grade 'science' textbook.  Looking back, I think this may have been a big nudge for me in the direction of realizing that the whole shebang was a load of bunk. 

I can remember my teachers up to that point and beyond - whenever we watched some sort of nature film, and the narrator would talk about '20 million years ago' or whatever, the teacher would jump in with 'but you know we don't believe that, children'....and I'd always be like - yeah, I KNOW, only heard it my WHOLE LIFE, I'm not a MORON, but thanks for treating me that way...'  But I think that some part of me was wondering why they all felt the need to push SO HARD, to 'make sure' that we weren't swayed...to keep us right in the little box where they wanted us.  You don't need to push like that when something is self-evident - only when you're afraid of someone seeing something that you don't want them to see.

But anyway. The 6th-grade text I used was older - probably published in the late 70s, or very early 80s - had a yellow (or possibly light blue - different grades had different colors) binding with a photo cover on the front (may have been a painting, I'm not sure now), and was narrower and thicker than the type of book shown above - more like an English anthology-type, than a regular textbook-type. 

What really jarred me as I was reading it was - I remember an early chapter beginning with words similar to: "When you wake up in the morning, you should thank God for ... (a healthy body and mind or somesuch)."  And I remember being highly annoyed, thinking - wait a minute - is this Science class, or Bible class?  What the heck??  (I was irritated enough by the Bible 'textbooks' we had to slog through....I certainly didn't need it wedging its way into my Science class too!  Where was the reprieve?)

I found my reprieve in English class - where instead of being told we had to believe one single, narrow interpretation, and asking questions that might stray from that interpretation engendered disapproval - we were allowed to actually explore other people's minds and imaginations through stories (and didn't have to believe them as literally true!), and were encouraged to come up with a variety of interpretations.  What a fractured way to 'learn', though! (And heaven forbid you actually point out the literary qualities of the Bible...someone might start noticing that the Bible stories bear a strong resemblance to fictional stories, not only in content, but in structure and purpose.)

Looking back, I'm not sure that I ever truly 'believed'....I only thought I did, and tried to behave that way, but always wondered why I never seemed to 'get it right', and why I felt so awful while trying to.  Cognitive dissonance is really unpleasant, but I didn't know any other path existed at the time.

I tell you though, as propagandic as SDA science textbooks are - have you seen the ones that...I think it's Bob Jones University is publishing and pushing?  They are about a thousand times worse, if you can imagine it.  It's truly frightening, and education is in serious danger anywhere these are being used.




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