Because I enjoy torturing myself, I wandered into this and found it frustrating- also hilarious.

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I noted the young men in the back of the audience, laughing and chatting with one another and wondered if the same thing was happening to them.
He's right. The two views are grossly incompatible Hopefully that sermon nudged a few more people out the door. :)

Interesting view/rant that ALL "scientists" can't agree on "everything", therefore science is bogus. If he really thinks that's a logic/valid conclusion, then wouldn't he also deduce that since ALL people who "call themselves Adventists" can't agree on "everything", the Adventist church is bogus? I happen to believe that the Adventist church is bogus, but my supporting view for that is not because some members are pushing the definitions. Where are these scientists who can't agree on the scientific method? Who are they and how many of them are there? What are their qualifications?
I'm not sure he's especially logical- ever. I heard him speak at Union College once, and he came across as simply angry. Perhaps people confuse the two?
The thing is, he's exactly right when he says "evolution destroys everything we believe and everything we stand for." At least there's that.
Arrogant is the right word- also, fearful.
I met Goldstein when I was a teenager. He was the speaker at the Southern Oregon Campmeeting. He and my dad are old friends from the 1980s when Goldstein was a fresh convert and student at Southern and my dad was the mechanic at Wildwood. I would have been very young then, but fortunately that was before he and my mom had gotten married.

His characterization of science is laughable, the rest is right. I'm sure nobody here would disagree since we're all atheists.

I am currently on a slow connection so I am waiting for it to buffer, but I am not sure that this will be as hilarious as a clip a friend posted on facebook with two guys talking about "the Jesuit plot to destroy Adventists."


Actually evolution wasn't a deal breaker for my Christianity.  Psychology is what did it for me.  Once I understood just how unreliable human perception is, I had lost my last reason to believe in God.  I had always thought that I had experienced him.  But I learned that the human brain will take the fragmented information that it collects from the outside world and pieces it together using our biases and assumptions.  This is why you only here stories about demons and miracles in places where there is a belief in demons and miracles (thinking back to the mission stories from SE Asia.)

LOL. Yes, I have a book on one of my shelves called "The Secret Terrorists" or something similar about the Jesuits. A musical SDA friend sent it to me, and I always chuckle when I ruffle past it looking for something else.


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