I'm really new to nontheism, and while I feel pretty confident now that I/m not just being "rebellious against God", I do sometimes get the thought in the back of my mind, what if i'm part of the shaking EGW talked about and one of the ones she said would depart from them and although having once been a great propnant of adventism, would become the most outspoken against it. Maybe its because I was very conservative that I still have these thoughts. Any thoughts or experiences?

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No. This is because I did not just doubt Adventism but theism as a whole. For the longest time I was SDA, I never had interest in EGW, I was only focused on the bible. That book which, after having read it with rational mind caused me to abandon my delusion.

I agree. I guess it's just bc it's a new line of thought for me, and I'm coming from being pretty conservative.

I'd like to ask you something... What if EGW was indeed right about this specific prediction/prophesy? Do you fear?

I don't really know, like I said I'm new to the very idea that christianity is a bunch if bullshit, and it's part of my identity, and I have to go through that process of taking that part out. It's just a thought that I've had on and off the last few months and I didn't know who else to even talk to about it who would even understand the "lingo" and the feeling of fear of leaving the church they try to instill
Thoughts like that seem really normal to me, but I wouldn't dwell on them. We were lied to. Ellen White was a fruit loop with a head injury. I keep on studying history and learning the truth about religion and the origins of Christianity. I am undoing the 20 plus years of brain washing I experienced by reeducating myself with reality. The anxiety comes and goes but much less now than at first. Keep on fighting for possession of your own mind.

Amy, about all I can do is say, ask yourself this: where is the evidence?  Where is the corroboration, not just for the Bible, but for the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, or any other holy document?  You know the answer to that one, the same as I do - it's NOWHERE.  When asked to demonstrate any kind of objective foundation for their existence, they all fold like a cheap tent in the wind or attempt to cite foolish circular arguments.

This is the one life we have, Amy, our one shot.  Rather than wasting it on what isn't, let's value it and put it in the service of what IS.

Many ideologies have protection mechanisms to prevent you from straying.  This idea of the shaking is the one utilized by Adventism.  Baptists have eternal hellfire (that one has really messed people up.)

First, welcome! You look very familiar, but that's not surprising in SDA/formerSDA circles. :)

I've definitely had thoughts like that in the past, but they're very rare now. A strong SDA upbringing and schooling makes thoughts like that automatic. When your fundamental concept of the universe changes, you have to rethink *everything* and that takes time. After the belief in god that was central to all these other beliefs is gone, it still takes awhile to get around to inspecting all the adjacent beliefs and cached thoughts (<-definitely read this linked definition).

I've been lucky in that I left gradually enough and early enough that I didn't have a lot of really strong social ties or any down-generational family connections (kids) to worry about. Many of my best friends left the church around the same time I did, and in general I was able to gradually distance myself from the SDA social bubble as I found new friends outside it or took like-minded friends with me. Not being immersed in the culture definitely helps to change the habits of the mind away from automatically spinning religious why-stories.

Agnosticism was one of my steps in my journey to atheism too. I was very uncertain for a while. Having doubts isn't something to panic about. It's just your brain's way of saying "I've noticed I could use some more learning time in this area." Ultimately the thing that took me the rest of the way to atheism was the Isaac Asimov quote: "I finally decided that I'm a creature of emotion as well as of reason. Emotionally, I am an atheist. I don't have the evidence to prove that God doesn't exist, but I so strongly suspect he doesn't that I don't want to waste my time."

When you have stray thoughts about the shaking or end-time blue laws or other SDA memes, do take a moment to think about whether and why the thought might be silly in light of your new worldview, and if it's relevant to do so, think and research a bit to find what cool things might be true of that area instead. Hope this helps! :)

There was a time, yes.  I took a job  as a cook when I was 19 years old and had to work on the "Sabbath." I had problems at times even hearing my mother's voice saying "What are you doing anyway?"  But she was 1000 miles away.

So Miss Amy, how is life going, any further developments since early November?




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