I am, I can't help it. The conservatives are right in at least one point: this could be the issue that causes the whole thing to go nuclear. It can't be ignored, and it exposes all the cognitive dissonance and internal contradictions baked into the cake of SDAism. It's worth a visit to the Spectrum site just to watch the cons dance around the role of Ellen WHite while still holding to "male headship," which to them is a "principle."

I have no passions about this, except to note how lucky I am to no longer be involved in an organization where this sort of thing is controversial.

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I'm glad I no longer believe and don't have to hear this sexism anymore.

You know, wouldn't this make a great Jezebel article? Someone should drop it in their tips box. ;)

Then again, for a group that fancies itself unique in all the Earth, gender discrimination isn't a unique problem. It's probably too hum-drum for Jezebel!

The two issues I see that are likely to continue to drive people of the Millennial generation and the one after them out of religion is equality for women and LGBT rights or one denomination after another will change with the culture, just like they did with slavery 150 - 200 years ago.

I see things havent changed much in 35 years! In 1978 I was the first woman (at age 19) to deliver a sermon in our entire State (perhaps in my country!) and it was considered very radical. i then went off to study theology, and was one of 2 women doing so - however it was made clear we would not be 'ordained' which made me angry. Not to worry, after studying theology, especially polemics,  I just couldnt keep believing, and a year later I left.  Recently I asked a still staunch SDA friend from those days if there were any women pastors yet - and no, only elders. I cant believe they are still having this debate, or that women in the SDA church still put up with it!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  But, on the upside, maybe this will give a few more folks the push they need to escape the mind control.

I can't help it. Somehow, in the dead of a sleepless night about a year ago, I found myself following all these forums/discussions/threads about the SDA's "prayerfully seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit" in dealing with this matter. It kinda felt like being a fox in the henhouse-- watching all this pious anxiety. The commissions and study groups, blah blah to focus on the "theology." The thing that incensed me most (and there was TONS of stuff to pick from)was that it will take them UNTIL 2015 TO EVEN DECIDE WHETHER TO RECOMMEND TO THE GC TO CONSIDER STUDYING THE ISSUE!!! I apologize for the all caps, but yes, I am yelling. {sheepishly hangs head}

The simple fact that this is EVEN AN ISSUE TO BE CONSIDERED AT ALL tells you all you need to know about these wingnuts. Apologize for all caps again. This one's a biggie for me.

I notice Karen P's comment. I'd add that I was the first female to complete a minor in biblical Greek at old SMC. I was also a student of Jerry Gladson's and remember him quietly telling me one time that the day would come when women would be accepted, and that I would be prepared and ready. And of course, it was fun then to follow the saga of what subsequently happened to the erudite Dr. Gladson. No wonder I liked him back then.

For real shits and giggles, Goggle Doug Batchelor's sermon on women's ordination. I can't even get started on how psychotic the lack of internally consistent reasoning is. If you're female, I highly recommend lots of strong liquor close by to get through it.


I still have family in the church and haven't heard about this. But that is one thing I always admired about the Catholic Church. They tend to stick to their guns and not bow to changes in society. If you build a church on basic tenets then shouldn't you stick to them?  But recently it appears the new pope is wobbling.


I know a few SDA's that will go nuts if women are ordained. That is hilarious.

Don't worry.  When the Pope says he wants to talk about certain issues less, that just means he wants to talk about them less.  Always better to hide what you know you're wrong about.  Adventists do the same thing.  ;)


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