Hehe... only kidding. I just wanted to say hello, as I've discovered this forum (I've heard of the site before but didn't know there was an ex-SDA community on it - thanks Andree for the tip-off!). Also great to see it was started by Dustin, my old neighbour in Sittner Hall at WWC. 


Anyway, I just got back from Burning Man. While there, I ended up telling three friends in Center Camp about my story of going to Russia as a student missionary, and ending up being de-converted by a very intelligent and witty young man who would come to our Bible studies to debate (and presumably sharpen his English skills by doing so). One of the big things that pushed me over the edge was reading Richard Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker, which he convinced me to read. I had been keenly into Biology and had long had serious questions about evolution vs. creationism... discovering the Churches hellbent campaign of intellectual dishonesty on this issue did not inspire much confidence in having absolute faith in other things they had taught me.


Anyway, it was an fascinating enough story that a few other people flocked over to listen and ask some questions. Quite an experience!


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Welcome to the group! I always enjoyed our chats and envied your incredibly nerdy computer systems. Do you still have the ammo box?

I have to say your story makes me chuckle, the missionary being the one to get converted is just awesome. I'm also glad you were able to share it at Burning Man. That must have been fun. 

Yeah, it's a great set of colourful experiences for sure! And it's great to see that you're into Linux as well. So I traded that Ammo-box computer to an old coworker for other tech items. It was a really fun system while I had it, if a bit underpowered. :)
Hey there, Arthur!




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