I just want to say hi to everyone. Sorry if this is not the right section for greetings. I couldn't find that section so I am posting here.

I am glad to have found this forum where I meet my fellow ex-sda. It took me almost a year to comfortably free myself from the delusions of Christianity. And it was even more difficult due to being an SDA. As you know, when we were still SDA we always use reason. We all view advent is as reasonable faith. And also, SDA is very much concerned about health and nature. If bible is the word of god there wouldn't be any other religion more accurate than SDA.

Again, hi and hello to everyone here.

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Welcome, Mark. I was excited to find this forum too. It's such a big leap -- from the assured self-congratulatory isolation of Adventism to the logical thinking of Atheism, but I found the transition freeing as well.... No longer do I have to contort biblical passages to fit my beliefs, and I feel so much better. Even better, I am finding community with other Atheists, even other ex-SDA Atheists. :)

Thank you Glorianne. The transition was very difficult. That feeling when I was so alone and there's no one I could talk to. That time when I was realizing all the absurdities of the bible and its teachings. I knew that I shouldn't be talking about my situation with the elders and pastors and fellow members. I had to keep it to myself and contain all the discomfort and anxiety and depression as if I just broke up with someone I love the most. I almost lost my wife... she thought I was crazy. Now what she thinks of me is a deist (that's what I tell her), that I don't believe in the bible and religion but still believe in the existence of god.

She noticed the changes in my attitude. I became more caring, more responsible, considerate, patient and kind. And she knows that it's because I no longer believe. This is the only life I have and I will make the most of it by loving her and our daughter more. She's also a skeptic but cannot conceive the idea of the non-existence of god. Her belief still remains her source of inspiration.

Thanks for the warm welcome Glorianne. 




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