Don't know how many actually are active here, but hey y'all.  Short intro:

I was raised SDA but left that in my mid 20s or so for just general christian.  I met my wife to be about 6 years ago and she was baptist.  That seemed fine so I went with that for a while.  Just about a year ago now I deconverted and she followed a month or so later.  That's the short version.  :-)

I am quite active on Facebook with a few groups and a couple of pages.  My main one is:

We also have a blog:

I've looked around for a resource for former SDA atheists and have come up short.  I saw the other post here about it, but nothing seems to have come to fruition.  I've started a page in the meantime, let's see if there's any interest:

Anyway, that's pretty much what I got for now.  I'm happy for new friends, on here or Facebook or whatever.  Here's my Facebook profile:

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Hey dude

I see your facebook page they god is fictitious. Love it! Your posts and piccies are brilliant.


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