Have you gotten rid of all the SDA books from your classes & youth? I purged several large boxes of devotionals, Ellen White collections, and religion class notes/textbooks when I moved out. But I still have at least 6 or 7 bibles, and probably some story books with the standard adventure-adventure-and-then-find-Jesus plot that always made me get bored and stop reading during the third to last chapter or Josephine Edwards stories.

I've kept the bibles for reference, and to look authoritative to anyone who visits my house, but with the internet around I'm thinking of burning them. (I wouldn't want them to end up where they could harm someone.)

How many SDA books/paraphernalia/propaganda do you still have in your house and why? Bibles? Ellen White? The 27 28 Fundamental Beliefs? Storybooks? Devotionals? Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue tapes? Pip Pip the Naughty Chicken?

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By the end of my time in the seminary I had almost two book cases full of religious books. I sold a few and gave away a over half of my collection. The only specifically Adventist books I still have are Alden Thompson's books, including one which was a gift from him with a personal note in it. Aside from that the religous books I have are all ones I kept for reference purposes, including three English translations of the BIble, two editions of the Greek New Testament, my Hebrew Old Testament, and all of my lexicons.

What once covered about seven book case shelves, now fits on two.

I boxed up all of it and put it out in the garage where it sat for two years until I finally got rid of it.  I retained a shelf of items that the kids still feel sentimental about, so as not to push too hard, and the Clear Word and a few key EGW books that my husband wanted to retain for reference.  I suspect he would probably let me clear those out now that we're no longer in debate with any friends/relatives (3 1/2 years out).


I can't believe how much $ that my parents, and then myself, spent on all of that stuff to encourage/support the lifestyle:  the complete Bible in Living sound set, the Bible Stories, Original Uncle Arthur set, My Little Friends, almost every EGW book, the SDA Commentaries, and numerous cookbooks, CD and tape sets as well as tons of sabbath school teaching props/toys, and many new books/book series from numerous campmeeting sales.  I had collected all the Sam Campbell books - some used and now unpublished and had invested a lot in an SDA homeschooling curriculum, Pathfinder materials and SDA magazine subscriptions.  Not to mention the $ we spent on tithe/offerings all those years + sending our kids to SDA summer camps and our son off to academy his freshmen year.


Then on top of that, I had bought a boat load of all the same types of things from regular Christian sources, including a bunch of videos, games and audio books.




If it were up to me, I would do the final purge now, including the regular Christian stuff like the drawer of Veggie Tales videos, but I have the kid's feelings to consider.  They've outgrown watching them, but don't want to get rid of them.

I forgot to mention my Christian music collection. I traded that about a year ago for a case of beer....Sure I put a couple hundred dollars into it, but it was worth it.
hahaha That's easy to believe. Christian music post 1900 is sub-par at best, and that's only if I include POD and Creed in the lineup. :)
I still have the whole Elen G white series Pastor Fred made us buy in academy, and damn it they were expensive!!! So even though I don't want them I keep them.... grrr.  I also have a few bibles and a small adventist leather bound hymnal with my name on it that matches my first little leather bound bible.  I don't think I could burn them though, because at one point they were very important to me and were a big part of my young childhood which was very good.  No resentment there...
My textbooks ran into the thousands of dollars. The rest of the books I had I got at Theology Department books sales. I picked up dozens of EGW books for somewhere in the ball park of $20. Her books were cheap enough for me to get that they were easy to part with. I also move a lot so keeping light is important.
I gave my Ubcle Dan and Aunt Sue tapes to my sister back when I started having doubts and because I didnt have a casette player and I think subconciously I knew I was leaving even though I hadnt come to that realization. I still have my conflict of the ages set somewhere in storage and I have been trying to figure out how to get rid of them but havent settled on the best course of action. I also have several of the Authur Maxwell "The Bible Story" books, Josephine Edwards books many of which are out of print, and the entire Sam Campbell collection. I will probably keep the Sam Campbell books for my kids because they are not overly religious but I hope to get rid of the rest with the exception of my copy of Strongs Concordance, and my old KJV bible for the simple fact of having them to reference in the event an Adventist seeks to enter into debate.
I still have a box of the old Bible Stories and My Little Friends which I couldn't bring myself to throw out because they were some of the first books I remember my mother reading to me - they've got to be antique first editions!  I also still have an old Bible which my son scribbled in with a crayon when he was three or four years old which I can't throw out because it's taken on the status of a keepsake after he died in 2005. Otherwise I've tossed out or burned the other crap.  My mom insists on sending me Adventist magazines which do nothing but keep the recycling bins full.

I'm friends with a guy in the Boulder Atheist meetup who has a hobby of reading the wackiest religious material he can find. He goes to great lengths to find it too. My copy of The Great Controversy is on loan to him. I explained it as being effectively, "really in depth fan fiction that adds lots of its own details to the original story". He was amused. 


Well, fancy meeting you all here! Just found this thread through a Google search. I didn't know this subgroup existed!

I have a full set of Adventist Commentaries, the 27 Fundies book, and four or five different bibles, my favorite being the Jewish Study Bible, not to mention almost every book Egg White ever wrote. Why? Well, my friends, the word of god is a two-edged sword! Lol... Between the Adventist Commentary and the Jewish Study Bible, there isn't a fragment of Adventism you couldn't shred if you were so inclined. I'm not the kind of person to pick a fight, but god help the person who picks one with me! ;)

If you are curious, most of these I obtained for free or nearly so. I'm still a student, and could never have afforded the enormous sum demanded for a commentary, and even if I could have, I wouldn't want them to have the money! I'm not working for the church's downfall or anything crazy like that. But you won't catch me supporting them, either.


The only religious books I still have are an SDA hymnal I got for my 7th birthday that a rat ate some of when I was 8, and a king james bible kept for reference, and a "the way" bible I found at an op shop back when I was religious and just can't say goodbye to because of the adorable 70's publishing quirks and funny, dorky paraphrase style.




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