I'm still in the process of leaving "the fold". I stopped attending the church in 2013, but I'm looking into removing my membership and dis-fellowshipping myself to totally free myself from the religion.  Has anyone here been through the same process, or can you relate? Any tips?

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I wouldn't worry about it.  I never did anything "official" and I haven't been inside a church in 15 or 20 years.  No letters, no visits from people trying to "encourage" me, etc.   Kinda strange that I never received anything official from the bureaucracy kicking me out.  I wonder how many more there are like me, that allows them to keep their membership statistics artificially inflated?

I was married to a girl I met in the Adventist Academy and we were together for 19 years. WE moved from Chicago to Arkansas for the company to be in charge of a branch of the company, and just kind of never got in touch with a local adventist there.and over the years we decided we had no more need of such stuff. So I cannot relate to your situation myself, but do understand.

It's pretty simple. Send an email or a letter to the congregation that holds your membership and tell them you are resigning your membership. Be sure to request that they send you confirmation that they have taken the action, but it will probably take a month or two as they will have to take it before a church business meeting if they're following the church manual.

Not really hard, I was actually trying to  get back at it when I decided to study Ellen G White. So long story short, left the church and few months later became atheist. Dealing with the family and circle of friends its sometimes challenging.




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