One of my favorite things to do is recall the hypocrisy that went on around me as an Adventist kid.  I discovered the concept quite early.  I'm not bitter about these; they make me laugh.  I remember when I was about 12, we had company for Sabbath dinner.  A family.  After dinner I went to my room and turned on my radio, which was playing classical music.  All of a sudden, my door swung open, and the wife/mother of the visiting family was there with wide eyes.  She turned and ran down the hall, screeching, "She's got the radio on!  She's got the radio on!"  My parents made me turn it off.  Later, on a church camping trip, I was walking through a field and came upon this same lady having sex with a man from our church who was NOT her husband, but rather another member of the church who also had a wife and children. They didn't see me.  I just stood there for a moment.  My eyes narrowed, and I said, "Humph!"  I never told anyone. Haaaaaa!

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Yes you probably do know them....we'll talk on the phone!  I'm surprised I hadn't already told you that story. 

I too didn't see too much but I was the particularly suggestible type and very gullible and not very observant, etc. But man did you ever notice how much DRAMA there is!! Haha, this person cheated on this person with that one, this person apparently raped someone and got their legs broken for it, this other kid dies on a car accident and it's blown out of proportion into this whole big martyr thing just because of his Christian work overseas, teachers fucking each others yes I remember that but not teachers on kids, though one friend of mine apparently knew one of my favourite teachers in the home setting and told me he verbally abuses his family. There was also big camp  (huge confrence camp, 10,000 people, yearly)  talk from the older kids about big camp just being a "fuck fest" (lol! where's my invite?) and nearly everywhere you turn at big camp it's true, everyone is horny for some reason. I think it's all that hot air in the tents, lol.

That many repressed teenagers in one spot? If they didn't blow off some steam the whole place would likely explode.

I agree. And I wouldn't have had that crazy camp any other way really.

Oh, Adventist sex scandals? My favorite!

In my area, there was the married with kids middle school English teacher and the cute, single fourth grade teacher who literally left their classes totally unattended to get it on. Then, there was the former Adventist school P.E. teacher convicted of sex crimes against a child. There was the divorced Pathfinders leader who was rumored to have had several more affairs after the one that caused his wife to leave him, though only that first one was widely accepted as having actually happened.

And of course, there were the Pathfinder camp outs themselves, which were where probably 1 in 3 of the kids in my group lost their virginity out in the woods with other unsupervised 12 to 14 year olds. Literally 1 in 3 if I am remembering right. There was also the 19 year old girls counsellor who claimed she was raped by the 18 year old boys counsellor, but later admitted she was so drunk she couldn't actually remember any of what had happened, and wasn't sure if she had actually consented or not!

And finally, to beat everything else, was the married with kids head elder caught in the storage closet screwing the married with kids female church janitor. I guess he was just a sucker for a woman in uniform! They both got divorced and promptly remarried. Each other, of course.

These are the collected stories of four of the Adventist churches in my area. Though the first and the last actually happened before I was born, that kind of story will be around for decades! The others are all things that I personally remember happening, and they all occurred in the last 10 years. I'm sure there are many, many others that I just don't know about.

My mother was dear friends with a woman in the church and her daughter and I became best of friends.  The husband of my mother's friend was (and still is) VERY SDA.  From ages 6 through 16 he would make us kneel down on the hard floors and pray for what seemed like an eternity and force us to listen to him drone on reading Ellen G. White.  He was very pious.  Come to find out, he would not leave my mother alone and bugged her and bugged her to sleep with him.  Then he gets my dad to have sex with his wife while he takes pictures!  Oh my god!  I've never confronted him because I don't want to hurt his daughter, but if he preaches at me again...I may have to say something.  Of course, he would probably say that Satan got ahold of him and he is now been forgiven.  How convenient!


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