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Definitely Linkettes.
Have you ever tried Worthington Little Links? They're these extra-salty little brown weiners. Totally weird. You can't even put them in a bun. They're too tiny.
they were good, i remember my dad refusing to eat facon or stripples or any other kind of vegemeat that pretended to be 'unclean' meat, i love bacon

Blah. Neither!


I actually make my own- per vegandad instructions. 

Very cool. I'll have to try those!

They are super easy.


I used to work in a healthfood store- and they wouldn't carry any of the Adventist fake meats because they were so laden with chemicals. So, I figured not eating them was probably a good idea. Pretty nasty stuff on those labels.

Yeah, no kidding! I was always told being a vegetarian was so much healthier and less expensive. What a bunch of crock, when you consider how unhealthy all those vegie products were that I was raised on, and how pricey, as well. Here in Alaska, all of those alternative products are around $9 per can.

I'm still largely a vegetarian. It's what I prefer, it IS less expensive if done right, and most reasonable people seem to think it's healthier to limit the amount of red meat you eat, anyway.

When I left Adventism, I came to realize that I had been a vegetarian for religious reasons. When I was still an SDA, and someone would ask me why I was vegetarian, I would give them a long list of reasons it was better for you. What that boiled down to, was that if you went off the premise that EGW was a prophet of God, you just took her position as valid and piled up all the evidence you could in a corner to support it.

Now I tell people that I was raised vegetarian for religious reasons, and have largely continued to be so, out of habit and preference.

I was raised what you might call a "flexitarian"- my grandparents and my mom and I ate dinner every evening together, and so we often ate the standard meat and potatoes that my grandparents (not SDA) preferred.


Of course, at home we ate mostly vegetarian foods- and at schools- and I went ALL the way through the SDA system- vegetarian. So, I can do either- and I'm like you- I prefer vegetarian more often than not.


Crazy thing- in my home church, all the big families had made their money farming cattle. Hello? They were all vegetarian. I never could did get past that hypocrisy.

My SDA grandpa was a cattle farmer too! I thought that was interesting. Making money off the cattle's deaths. These days I luurrrve a good steak.
I always did- with peas and carrots on the side. :)
Always Big Franks.




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