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Big Franks, definitely.


I've gotten so many of my never-been-SDA friends hooked on those. One of my friends provided the perfect description after she finally admitted to loving them after a bit of denial: "Big Franks grow on mold."

Count me in as another vote for big franks.
I'm curious, how many of you go with the one your parents raised you on and how many changed at some point. I was raised on Linkettes and still prefer them over other fake hot dogs. I should note that none of them come even close to the real thing.
I was raised on Linkettes, and still prefer them.

Of course, my FAVORITE fake meat product were the Tender Bits. I think that's what they're called. Little grey lumps of something-or-other with the most yummy of liquids that they're packed in.

Wow, that's a great description... but not for food! Hehe. Sounds like something you'd pull out of a drain, except for the "yummy" part.

I was raised on Big Franks and that's what I prefer. I agree with Ariel though that Tender Bits are by far the best. My parents always give me a case or two when the ABC is in town. They're still my favorite food.
I was raised on linkettes, but I like Big Franks now.  They have more flavor.  Linkettes seem a little bland to me now.  When you say the real thing, do you mean pork or a beef or turkey dog?  I was raised vegetarian and I've never been able to enjoy meat (although I can stomach chicken or turkey if I have to, which luckily I don't).  It just doesn't taste right to me.  I also don't like it when veggie meat tastes like real meat.  I want my veggie meat to taste like veggie meat!
Of those two, Big Franks, but I think Veja-Links are the best.
I guess, I am really old, in my academy days. my favorite was DA DA, choplets.
Big Franks, all the way. :-) Linkettes have this weird solid/chunky thing going on. I like the homogenous squishyness of the Big Frank.

My favorites are Skallops though. Or Fri-Chik, straight out of the can. :-) Mmm, now I'm hungry!

Oh, the Little Links are awesome. Wonderful breakfast links.
haha definitely Linkettes
My vote is for Big Franks. I also use to eat them right out of the can. I think they were better that way, no bun or condiments to distract from the salty goodness. lol But does anyone else remember the lunch meat Wham? or i think that was what it was called. Everyone i knew hated it...but i kind of liked it. lol Tofurkey has a brand of lunch "meat" that taste almost exactly like it that is pretty good too.




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