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Big Franks, but I prefered Fri-Chik or Scallops to anything else. My grandmother used to make Mock-Salmon Loaf for thanksgiving dinner every year with Fri-Chik and it was my absolute favorite dish!

Big Franks, by the can!

The first one from the middle always comes out so easily, but getting a second one out is a real challenge.

Ahh, a nice light thread I can jump right into. First of all, hello to everybody it's nice to be in a group of like minded people. That said I must say Linkettes are by far my favorite, particularly when made into a Pronto Pup with Tartar sauce! I also love a nice Wham sandwich.

You're making me hungry. The vegemeats are the only thing I miss about being an Adventist. I especially loved the fakes hotdogs. I think my favorites were called Vegelinks? I liked the rubbery ones, but I also liked the more mushy ones, probably the Big Franks.

There was a rubbery and very salty chicken substitute that I liked too, Chick-something perhaps? Oh, and the fake burger that people made into chilli was good.

Fri-chik was the chicken substitute. I loved that stuff! My grandmother used to make a dish called mock salmon loaf with it and I absolutely loved it!

Fri-Chick! Bingo. Wow. Thanks for reminding me. Maybe one of these days I'll order some of that stuff.

You can order it by the case on Amazon.  If you sign up for regular deliveries of the stuff, shipping's even free.  Comes out to be not much more per can than a non-sale price at an ABC.

I suppose you'd have to *really* love the stuff for that, though.  ;-) 

I don't know, I always really disliked the taste of the fake meat products. I instead my family would buy the turkey hot dogs and turkey bacon. I still really like the taste of turkey bacon, but nothing makes breakfast like some good ol' fashioned pork sausage. :) 

Why is this even a question? Big Franks! LOL  (Though I haven't had either in years.)

Big Franks! although the frozen Leanies (I believe they're fairly new) have been my personal favorite.

Linkettes, but that comes with a caveat!

This stuff is all so incredibly expensive, I almost never use it. I pride myself on being able to fix yummy, healthy, vegetarian and vegan food for LESS money than is allotted for meals for people on foodstamps. And a $5 can of hotdogs shoots that all to hell. But, my little sister, who I let move in with me as part of a long term effort to help her escape the Adventist school system, loves Linkettes even more than I do. So once in a while we will have some, but it's less than once a month.

Big Franks.  Still love 'em.  My son, who has not been raised SDA, loves them, too.


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