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Big Franks??!
Veja links by far. I still eat them and I've be X-SDA for decades. I'm still mad about the Kellogg's buyout of Worthington and LL Foods because they just up and discontinued Nuteena.
Anybody else still eating them? Mad about Nuteena or something else?
I have borrowed this from a funny list that was titled, "You know you are or were SDA if...

"You can tell the difference between Linkettes and Vegelinks with your eyes closed."


This topic made me smile. . . Something light and funny and only someone part of the SDA subculture can relate to. 

Definitely Big Franks, though I was raised on Linkettes.  I love fried Chickettes, and some of the sandwich meats, except for Wham.  Still use vegeburger in spaghetti sauce or chili.  The Frichik or diced chicken is good too.

As for Stakelets, I'd rather chew shoe leather.  And the fish stuff-- more like a yeast infection than food.

more like a yeast infection than food. -- HA!  Classy.  Guess I missed out on that in my childhood.  Perhaps I should be thanking god.  ;)

Big Franks.  I was never vegetarian, so we often ate turkey or beef hot dogs.  But I always liked Big Franks.  I seem to remember Linkettes was one of the tolerable ones.  Other fake meat hot dogs taste like pressed eraser bits or something.


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