Do any of you do something that's probably a little silly specifically because you didn't get to do it as a kid? There are other things, but I specifically watch cartoons on Saturday morning because I didn't get to. I do it "religiously", ha. Right now, I'm on a South Park kick.

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When I worked most Saturdays I would always get a bacon cheeseburger for lunch. Now that I usually work a M-F schedule I've shifted that to Friday.

I definitely do the cartoon thing.  I love Saturday morning cartoons.  I didn't know what a smurf was until I was a teenager because I had never seen the cartoon.

Oh man, watching My Little Pony on a Saturday morning is just the ultimate in rebellion for me.  Ha!  I love it.  Really, though, I am kinda disappointed I didn't get to watch the stuff other kids were watching, but I don't feel like I was especially harmed by it.  It would have been fun, but the damage wasn't in not watching cartoons; the harm was in going to church to have equally fictitious crap pumped into my brain as truth.

Oh yeah - I totally get the Saturday-morning cartoon thing.  Due to never being allowed to watch, I didn't even understand what Schoolhouse Rock *was*, let alone be able to sing Conjunction Junction.  Clueless until I was well into adulthood.  Missed out on something that apparently the whole rest of my generation was intimately familiar with!

Watching TV on a Saturday morning *still* feels a little 'rebellious' to me, ha ha.  So does going grocery shopping, or heading out to a movie.  But doing the shopping on a Saturday is so much more efficient!  Trying to either squeeze it in after work, or doing it on Sunday when you're trying to have a relaxing day with the's so stressful!  I'm so much less stressed than when I used to go to church.  What a hassle!

I had my first bacon cheeseburger today.  It was f'ing delicious!  I quit the church when I was 17, and I'm 40 now.  Yeah, that's just how deep the programming goes.


Just so you know that a stopped clock is right twice a day, and SDAs are largely correct on the health issues. An occasional bacon cheeseburger won't kill you.

Yeah, I know that now. :)  Pretty much everyone who knows me knew that I didn't eat pork.  They were shocked as all hell when I told my friends.  And yeah, I felt like a rebel with every delicious bite.  Apparently food aversion is one of the greatest aversions to overcome, psychologically.  It has to do with our survival instinct during human evolution that helped us avoid poisonous substances.

I was unable to compete in gymnastics or piano competitions/recitals on Saturday and was not allowed to take dance or theater classes.

I couldn't own a two piece bathing suit.

We weren't allowed to go to the movie theater.

We weren't allowed to watch Disney movies or have Barbies.

And of course we couldn't play any kind of game involving a deck of cards!

We missed attending local events like 4th of July parades if they were on Sabbath.

We didn't attend wedding receptions if there was drinking and/or dancing.

We couldn't travel on the Sabbath. (I'm more aware of how this belief/practice inconvenienced me as an adult before I left the church.)


Our family didn't leave Adventism until my kids were 8, 12 and 15. Looking back, I feel bad because my son wanted to join a local Lego Mindstorm competition team, but they met on Saturday and couldn't change to Sundays. (Obviously, I'm embarrassed that I even asked them to now.) That team from Alaska went on to the nationals in Georgia and then the internationals in Denmark.

Thankfully, we left the church in time for my kids to be able to benefit by participating in swim team meets, taking lifeguard training classes on Saturdays and having jobs that they likely wouldn't have been selected for, if they couldn't work on Saturdays. They've also been able to attend 1) rock concerts on 2) Friday nights = double whammy!


I often smile on a Saturday morning now, as I enjoy my COFFEE. (I remember the first time I tasted a coffee candy when I was about 4. I was instantly smitten!) It occurs to me that Saturday really is my favorite day of the week now. I'm not just saying that to be religiously correct. :)

I got my ears pierced with my daughters, when I was 40 and felt like a total rebel.

I disagree that every child should see them, but I believe that the choice whether the kids should see them should be left up to the parents and not the pastor.

When I want my kids to learn classical literature I give them the book to read, not a movie, and especially not Disney's versions of anything.  I do not support Disney, their products, or their founder/creator.

As both of my parents were educators, I believe in READING as the primary way that children should absorb information. At the age of 10 I was required by my parents to read Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, & William Shakespeare.  I was given books by Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, Jonathan Swift.

So no, I completely disagree with you about watching anything Disney has for young children. I'd prefer children to read the unadulterated sources before being exposed to the intelligence rotting material the Disney produces.

Compelling a 10 year old to read Victor Hugo seems little more advisable than compelling them to read Ellen White.  I'm glad you came out of it okay, but I can't imagine it inspiring a lifelong love of reading.  Something like Roald Dahl might be more appropriate.




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