Do any of you do something that's probably a little silly specifically because you didn't get to do it as a kid? There are other things, but I specifically watch cartoons on Saturday morning because I didn't get to. I do it "religiously", ha. Right now, I'm on a South Park kick.

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It wasn't just literature that I was given to read. Philosophy, science (oh god the science), math. Everything. I enjoyed it! Immensely!  I was a nerd! Still am.  I'm a bit more well rounded than your average nerd, but my parents fostered a lifelong love of learning, reading, absorbing, and understanding.  It gave me the ability to question. That questioning led me out of the repressive structure of religion. It helped me have the courage to look into the face of the god I had been told since birth that I belonged to.  And because I could ask the question, god blinked first.

:) I used to pretend to be sick so I could stay home from church! Even as a kid I thought it was ridiculous that we couldn't watch cartoons. (For you youngsters, there was only broadcast TV and no Cartoon Network.)  I never understood why a day of rest had to be a day of boredom!


Ah, the memories of keeping the church bulletin so you could check for the exact minute that was sundown and you could turn on the television or ride your bike. Or play a game or grab your toys.


Thanks for this group. I feel at home.

Wow.  The church bulletins... I almost completely forgot about those!  We'd use them to figure out when we could run off to the local corner store after the AYS (formerly JMV) evening service for bubble gum and whatnot.

Something that is probably uniquely Adventist. :)

I forgot about this, too!  Always the most important part.  Of course, it was also in the back of the union magazine in the Mid-America Union where I grew up.  :)

Columbia Union, Allegheny East Conference, born and raised.  However, I'm currently moving all of my heathen artifacts west.


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