Alright, so I never thought I would be that guy, but I started a blog.  About Adventists, and about coming out of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  My first real post was about how Adventists will believe *anything*.  What do you think?  Too harsh, right on the mark, or not harsh enough?

Also, who else grew up with a house full of Amway pots and pans?  Ha!  I also remember that the church kitchen was stocked full of them.

What other pyramid schemes do you remember from growing up Adventist?

Anyone with a Twitter can comment on the blog, and I'd love it if you did.  But if you would rather not, I would still love to hear how you feel about it, and if any of you have ever experienced the same thing. :)

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I look forward to your future posts (I tried but ultimately failed to work in a pun about Kellogg).

Good to see another ex Adventist here.

In reply to your question; I don't know if I've seen more than the average amount of schemes coming from members or the SDA church. While they (as a whole) are very credulous, so are a great number of people from all faiths and non-faiths. Being incredulous takes effort... 

Having said that, there is a wealth of stories about credulous Adventists out there to be shared. Modern versions of talking donkeys, resurrections, angel stories, new revelations etc. abound!

Well, that's okay about the pun.  I wouldn't mind there being more Posts, but I hope there is never another Dr. Kellogg!  :)

Ooh, something called  "New Ways".  They sold us "bio-available" minerals... too tipsy right now to remember what they  were called... was defeinitely a pyramid scheme of some  sort.

My parents also were into alkaline water for 6 months or so!

I remember having to sell magazines and some cheap plastic crap called "Tom Watt" that came in a large cardboard box made to look like a briefcase. They gave them to us in school to sell (an SDA jr. academy K-10 school). We had to lug that crap up and down the street taking orders door to door. That's probably why I hate salesmen to this day...


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