I just want to thank Ellen G white, thaks to her ridiculous writings I started questioning first Adventism then Religion and Bible origins.

My Father( a really active adventist to this day) raise me as a free thinker, he thought me to question everything and read and look for answers.Ironic that he still part of adventism even that he has been treatened to be erased of the adventist members book several times for exposing and questioning the church.Sometimes I think he just plays along to keep my mother happy, because my mother belives that Ellen is a prophet and she is really extremist.

What writings of Ellen makes you chuckle the most?

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I always wonder if that rock that smashed her in the skull had anything to do with her "prophet" status, mentally.

It actually did,she was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy twice on her life time.

Then on most recent times doctor concluded she indeed had epilepsy based on her own writings when she describes having a revelation.

That explains a lot.

Hi Enrique

Your father has done you a huge favour by encouraging you to think for yourself.

Ellen White is a total fraud and a hypocrite. Her stance on health reform is BS when you consider that she was breaking so many of her own health rules for so long. And she was a bully.

Go well


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