I just posted that I don't know how to start a thread, and ten I see this: So my thread is to ask What kind of xmas are you planning now that it is not an Adventist Xmas?   Presents? Tree?  Gifts?  Turkey? or maybe a ham since you've always wondered what one tasted like?

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I'm going to enjoy Christmas this year as an Ex Adventist.  (I even dressed up for Halloween for the first time this year).  I enjoy being able to celebrate the holidays without restriction.  I was always a partial vegetarian before becoming an atheist. Its still a big deal now that I can eat pork without guilt.

Not sure how we're going to do it this year. My wife is the one who likes holidays, while I personally don't care. However, she's having a hard time getting into the "Christmas spirit" this year. Regardless of how it goes, I will be drinking beer.

Come to the Dominican Republic and enjoy the beach for Xmas!




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