Here are selections from the amusing "You Know You Are/Were SDA If*:"

More will probably resonate for you if you grew up SDA. The list has been around for awhile, so may be more accurate for older members. I'd like to know which ones are also true for younger members.

Your "Little Friend" wasn't a person.
Your bedtime stories were about real people instead of fairy tales.
You think of kids instead of cars when you hear the term Pathfinder.
You know how to play poker with Bible Authors cards and Wheat Thins.
The Review is not a full military dress inspection.
You have referred to high school as academy.
You wondered if the earth would last long enough to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
Your Friday night date was to Vespers.
You knew who was engaged by asking the time.
You have looked for angels outside of a movie theater.

Well, what do you think? Bring back memories that you haven't thought about for a long time while you have been living in the real world?
How many are true for you? Which ones?
Do you have others you can share? Love to hear them.

Source and for more of the same see:

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Correction: The source is:
Note: These have been collected from Adventist folklore. Mr. Moyers didn't write them.
I've seen them here and there over the years. Have you found other items?

Here are a few more from the list. They mainly apply to those who went to SDA high schools, esp. boarding schools.

You rolled down your skirt on the way to the principal's office.
Your Friday night date was to Vespers.
You went to banquets instead of dances or proms.
You've seen "Sound of Music" with a hand in front of the projector during the kissing scenes.
You can grill cheese sandwiches on the bottom of an iron.
You couldn't dance at school parties, but passing an orange under the neck was a non-sensual activity.
You know all the basic square dance steps but only know how to execute them to march music.

A little more than half of both lists ring true for me but I know the background on all the others from stories I heard from my parents and teachers.




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