Just one mention of coalescing celestial hydrogen in a gravity well begetting nuclear fusion and they're done!

The Roman Catholic Church has held back the quest for knowledge when ever it was an easy thing within their grasp to do. From my own life and times, i remember the new grammar school wing dedication at my parochial school. An alumnus had donated all the funds and had it built up to the moment. This was about 1962. we're talking little gas spigots for the bunsen burners, sinks at the laboratory tables, kind of an orange brick fasade to greet patrons as they entered the building. At this point, the diocese was placed on the horns of an ecclesiastical dilemma. They sorely needed a more esthetically impressive brick and mortar eye candy to attract those tuition dollars our parents struggled to cobble together.
Next to the gleeming new wing stood the original class rooms surrounding auditorium / gymnasium areas which seemed really congested, unnecessarily adhoc, tacky and missionary looking..
It was finally decided by the hierarchy that the sparkling generally spacious glass, steel and orange brick foyer with it's multistory arrangement of new class rooms, green tile halls with matching light green composite floors, basement cafeteria & kitchen were acceptable for their cosmetic appeal while the science labs which were on the second floor adjoining the main grand stair case should remain locked for the entire period of my internment there.
Often I walked past these wonderous partitions occasionally pressing my nose to the rectangular glass portal in the door for the next 4 years ( I was there for 8) till graduation without ever setting foot in the science labs at St Martin of Tours Grammar school on Union avenue in Amityville New York.

I'm not sorry I went there, because they did teach me to read. And I've read their holy book. Still, all they were offering me was uncertainty.
I let them keep THAT all to themselves!

I'm just getting started...

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Speaking of holding back knowledge, what about sex ed in Catholic school when I was in the Philippines. I don't know when they will realize that telling teens with raging hormones to abstain, doesn't always work. I know a couple of girls in my batch who got pregnant courtesy by the boys from the Catholic school beside us. I don't think they were even allowed to go back to school when they got pregnant. It's just not pregnancy, it can be also a variety of health issues like STD's. So when I transferred to public school here in the US, we had sex and health ed. I think that I am more responsible for having that kind of education, instead of just telling someone don't do it because your future husband only wants a virgin and save it as a "gift" on our wedding night. I don't know if it was the Filipino or the Catholic culture or both, but I find this very sexist and unfair. I mean to be a guy and bang chicks, it's OK, even glorified, but as a girl, you're worthless if you're not a virgin? How does this work?

Me, too, though I have no choice but to go to Catholic school at that time, I'm not sorry about it. It gave me a whole new different perspective on many things. Also, private schools (usually religious) were the way to go in the Philippines because public schools there were poorly funded. Academicwise my Catholic school was pretty tough and when I transferred in HS in the US, not to brag, I didn't have to even try. HS here has its own set of problems, but that's a different story. Also, in Catholic school, since most of us started since kinder, I have lifelong friends that I am still in contact with up to now. Good times.
I went to 3 catholic convent schools in the 60's, one of which was a boarding school and the only piece of advice I can remember receiving was that if we ever had to sit on a mans lap to make sure we had a sheet of newspaper between us. Another time when I was in 6th form and a prefect I can remember being told that one of the younger girls had been told off by one of the nuns for wearing a bra! A far cry from today's sex education:-)




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