On Cake Wrecks, they show several Easter Lamb Cakes with something similar in the mouths of the lambs.

Nobody on the site seems to know what it is. Everyone sees a cigarette. Anyone here know anything about this mystery? (Scroll down to see the 3 "smoking" lambs. Looks like a scroll of some kind.)

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I have no idea. Frankly, they look more like spliffs to me than cigarettes. But Jebus was a sort of hippie type...

p.s. CakeWrecks is one of my favorite comedy blogs. For more hilarity, check out crummychurchsigns.blogspot.com
Looks like smokes to me.
Well, from reading the site and looking through google again, it appears it isn't a Christian cake at all. It's Jewish.

I think it's the Passover Lamb, with a bloody paintbrush representing its own blood to be painted on the doorframe.

The little girl is at her communion party, cutting off the head of her Christian communion cake, which is supposed to be red velvet or filled with a grenadine or raspberry filling; again a reference to sacrifice.
UGH! Why does that sound so morbid to me and even worse with the little girl? I have no issues eating the head off a chocolate bunny, but something involving something barbaric as communion? The two together just seems so morbid.
Yeah--she's cutting the head off of JESUS and eating it.
lol Now that is funny.
One of the smoking lambs CLEARLY has a Marlboro disguised as a paint brush. Now that's a cake wreck--but it comes with a free cigarette?




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