One of my most memorable encounters on A/N was with a fellow with whom I had fiercely debated on the nature of morality. I think we both got some insights. At some point, we discussed existetial angst. I LOVED his raw response... "Alcohol helps"

How do you deal with existential angst?

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I have to say I agree w the notion "Alcohol Helps"


Well according to this flowchart, I may end up with a Nobel prize or a divorce, or both. Or I may end up with acceptance and enlightenment, if I manage to avoid the infinite loop trap.

LMAO!!! Here's hoping for the best!

 I think I felt angst at an early age. But I remember being 9 and trying to explain to my little brother that death is just the way it is.  I have always just seen death as a hole in my future that I'm going to pass through. And when I do, everyone except me will know about it.

Well stated!




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