In a universe devoid of meaning... Why give a shit about the future of humanity?

Other than the instinctual drives to procreate and survive, we are each saddled with the awesome task of creating meaning.

We had discussed on another thread "Why do we have a 'need' for the human race to continue after we are gone?" After all, every single life on the planet will end in one lifetime regardless of annihilation. Is it because of love for our children? Is it an extension of our survival instinct? Why do so many of us (atheists) make, "improving humanity" a component of our life meaning?

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I thought of that earlier but then figured I'd get kicked out of the Feminist Atheists group.
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eh... it passes the time. While we're stuck on this goddammed rock we might as well feel good and help other people feel good too.
it passes the time

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Well, there it is.
I have cited this all over the place - but 70,000 years ago there were 2,000 humans world-wide. We didn't survive by being selfish back then - no way. And, here in modernity, our principles have many railing against the very notion we could be responsible for the extinction of a species through our actions to the extent that we create laws protecting endangered species.

Blue whales - pre-whaling - numbered 275,000 - down to 2,000 in the early sixties and now up to 5,000. Still, a very sad statistic - but evidence of an extraspecies sensibility.

I am all for understanding human evolution. I do wonder, however, if understanding that our brain/genes package has evolved to support the continuation of our genes is sufficiently a "meaning" to our life in the goal-less Universe. Yet, why should a "logical argument" for not caring for the future of humanity be more meaningful than a naturally evolved propensity to care for that future? 

Existence before essence; we are what we are not only from our own personal choices but also from choices of our ancestors and the selection processes of evolution on our species. Is there meaning in this...?



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