I dislike what happened to the creator of these calendars, but find the calendars very humorous....


There is one for the ladies, and one for the gentlemen. Yup! Mormons, in sexy calendars...not ExMo's like us, practicing Mormons...I wonder what is going to happen with the models? Any guesses?

If you want to know the creator's plight, read the story Huffington Post wrote on it...

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When I was growing up mormon the mantra was, "in the world but not of the world". The idea was to create an island of purity and godliness in a world of misery and sin. I get the sense that mormons are trying to show the rest of the world that they are just like everyone else - individuals - not a hive mind. But they can't have it both ways. Whatever happened to "we are a peculiar people" always spoken in tones of pride? The membership seems to be redefining what it means to follow the mormon doctrine. The prophet better get on the horn to god for some new modern revelations.




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