I've been aware that Brian Dalton, a.k.a. "Mr. Deity," was an ex-Mormon not quite from the time I first discovered his work.  I'm pleased to say that as regards his former belief system, he is as forthright and blunt in his opinions about the LDS Church as he is regarding Christianity, Islam or any other religion.

It was some time back that I first ran onto this interview with him wherein he gets into his deconversion in considerable detail.  For those of you who are apostates from Joseph Smith & Co., the following should provide plenty of support for yourselves, as well as ammunition you can press into service against those still in the thrall of that church who would insist you come back to it.

Please enjoy.

Part One

Part Two

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Thanks Loren, I liked these very much.

My pleasure, Patricia.  I'm glad you enjoyed them.




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