My mormon ex-hub had my kids blessed and named without my permission...HELP

Okay, so the basics of the deal are:

Before my ex-husband and I had children together, we agreed to expose them to everything, but let them make their own religious decisions as adults.  Both raised in LDS culture, we had both fallen away in our teens, and wanted to give our children the opportunity to develop their own opinions without being told what they believe.

After we split, my ex became deeply, creepily Mormon.

After our divorce, I finally got around to having my name removed from the records.

In our parenting agreement in our divorce papers, it states that as the primary custodial parent, I  get to make the final call on any medical, religious, educational (etc.) decisions.  My official stance is that the children can be exposed, but are not to be put on any religious records or considered members of any religion unless they make that decision after the age of eighteen.

I found out this week that he had them named and blessed (the one that usually happens in the church when a child is first born) in the last year.  He did this knowing how I view the topic.  In fact, I have emails from before the "naming" date explaining why it is unacceptable.  Even without my permission, and against my wishes, he pushed his religion into their lives that hard.

For one, I am livid.

But mostly, I want to know how I should go about having this un-done.  Could I just contact the records department where I sent my own resignation letter?  Can I request the original copies of the certificates?  Do I need to send a copy of our parenting agreement?  Am I going to wind up paying my lawyer to get this resolved?

Any helpful advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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