Someone on a board I visit for gays, posted this message about the de conversion strategies of his room-mates.

Hopes you guys might have some tactics for dealing with them.

Hey guys, I'm in serious need for tips on defending yourself when you're in a heated discussion with religious people..... (Mormon to be
specific) I mean, I thought I would be able to at least end a discussion
with an agreement to disagree... but that doesn't work for some people;
so, help?..

The situation I'm in involves me and my 5 roomates.... There really is no avoiding them. They ask me if I've read "The Miracle of Forgiveness"
they try to tell me stories about ex-gays and that I could be fixed too
etc etc etc

Like, I know... it's wrong, but I'm not a confrontational person. I don't get defensive; because I try to grasp a perspective from both sides. I do this because whatever I say will be in
stark contrast to their beliefs, and I don't want to turn this
relationship into what is all to common here in Mormonville. They greet
you with a smile, but deep down they want nothing to do with you.
(Hierarchy of superiority I swear..)

Someone suggested moving out.

I can't move out... I signed a 2 year lease. Now, I live in an apartment. all 6 (including me) have our own private rooms. Besides, I'm
in the middle of Utah, so, no matter where I go, missionaries are going
to be knocking on my door constantly. Oh, and this is the only housing
option that offers a private room, so I thought that this housing
situation was the better option.

Any tips greatfully received.

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If you're young enough, join the military (preferably the navy) DADT is going away soon and you'll have a patriotic reason for breaking your lease. I thank providence that it got me out of Utah into the real world at the age of 19. I still have myriad relatives there, and the mock sad smile of supercilious superiority
is enough to make one projectile vomit. Be content, most of them who have children will come upon a gay son, daughter, niece or nephew before they're 50, and have to cope. It's the kids who need help and for whom your compassion should be demonstrable.




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