I'm assuming most all of you have them. What's it like whenever you see them again, or do you avoid it as much as possible? Do they know your beliefs? How did that go?

My atheist siblings know, but almost no one else. My cousin (thief, boy-whore, high school dropout, etc) just invited me to a "Keep God in America" group on facebook which I happily ignored.

Speaking of thieving cousins, how does your extended family compare ethically? I have more than one thieving cousin, and it's hilarious to me that these children raised in self-righteous strict homes were the ones to turn out this way. (Especially when your uncle use to think badly of your own siblings for their unrighteous ways). This seems to happen a lot. There are very few normal people in the world who grew up watching only rated-G movies and church films.

I have one gay uncle, who was my favorite growing up. My brothers and my mom have very different stories about how the family took the news of his homosexuality.

Whenever a family event comes up, I try my best to escape. I'm incredibly anti-social (almost phobic at times), and there are few things in this world I hate more than potato salad or pickles. It's not that I don't love my family, but I find the culture stifling and now there is very little to connect on.

Funny Mormon Family Stories Time? :D

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fortunately, my immediate family (which is Mormon) is pretty cool. They aren't crazy about their beliefs, and aren't unethical in any overt ways.

Now, my relatives outside of my family...different story. None of them are Mormon (instead, various denominations of historically black protestant churches...baptist, pentecostal, jehovah's witnesses, etc.,) There are some criminals in there (like, one cousin and his father/my uncle has a bunch of debt and they put *our* address down...we just tell the bill collectors that that cousin and uncle don't live with us and never have.)

I dislike seeing extended family, but fortunately, every time my dad sees his brother (different than the other uncle spoken of), they get into some fight and my dad takes us all home early. And we don't see my mom's brother because we know he would sell us out if he knew our contact information.
For reason of inherited personality traits, my immediate and extended families are not very well connected. My father was the youngest of eight and a strong introvert. His nephew by his oldest sibling (my cousin) is less than ten years his junior. My mother comes from a divided family of inactive and active members, of which she has decided to be an active one. My siblings are equally divided, after initially being all-in. My older sisters each had bad marriages which eventually led them out of mormonism.

I don't mind being around my mormon relatives. It doesn't happen very often. Their adherence to the church bothers me much less, personally, than their individual successes in life and parenting compared to my lack of success. I barely even see my immediate family anymore due to my ongoing depression and accompanying underemployment.

I think that my own "nukular" family has been an important impetus in my departure from mormonism because my own children are such obstinate underachievers.
I still live with my parents while I'm going to school, I haven't outright said that I am atheist, however, I've been making it blatantly clear. I mostly tell that I don't want to go to church...or have anything to really do with it and constantly question anything they say. Granted it's usually ONLY my dad who's spouting nothing but creationist stuff (even so far as to call evolution a "fairy tale"). Of course after I'm done asking him to use something other than the bible or the book of mormon he can't answer to explain what he believes he can't answer...fortunately he doesn't fall back to the "you have to have faith" retort.

Overall though, these occurrences aren't that often and only last about 5 minutes at a time when they do.

My sister doesn't bother bringing it up with me, nor does my mom. My extended family...honestly I think I'd have to call half of them agnostic. I only say that cause almost my ENTIRE family is mormon, but half of them when you ask about their beliefs, they just shrug and say they don't really care...so needless to say, I generally get along with most of my family (at least the ones we keep in constant contact with as they live all over the US)
Most of my Mormon relatives live in another country, and far from where I'm not (Utah) so thankfully it's not an issue for me.

And, for growing up in a LDS run household, I saw more "inappropriate" movies then my Xian, Muslim and non-church going classmates :)
Sometimes I think I live in the twilight zone version of Utah. On one side my parents and the bulk of my extended family on both sides are die hard LDS pushing family home evening, missions, church attendance, scripture reading and the like like most typical LDS families, while on another side there is the deep love of science. I think I heard mention of the whole 7000 years thing only once specifically only referring to the time since Adam and Eve not as the age of the earth. So coming from a family who hard core accepts both sides I can say that if I was a more non-internet sociable person I wouldn't have much trouble relating to my extended family. It's never been awkward with anyone in my family as while there isn't an exact accepting of decisions made there is a strong belief of individuality amongst my family and it would be an offense in my family to think the religious ones would treat those who are atheist(oddly there hasn't been a switching of religions. Everyone in my family who has left the church would identify as atheists) or gay would be treated as less than other members of family. In some ways my relationship with my family has grown since I became an atheist.

To the best of my knowledge I have a very ethical family. My older sister is probably the only one who has gotten into real trouble.




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