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Exorcism Survivors

This group is for atheists who have, while they were believers, suffered exorcism or performed exorcisms on others.  Whether a part of the Fundamentalist Catholic liturgy or the Protestant Deliverance Ministry.  

Of all the victims of the superstition of religious belief, we bear the scars deeper, we feel the shame more intensely.

The goal of this group is simple:

To ban the practice of exorcism/deliverance in the United States and around the world.

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Latest Activity: Apr 28, 2013

This is safe place.

As the creator and moderator I'll make sure of that.

I am Philip Jarrett.

I am an Exorcism Survivor.

My Exorcism was from the old line, Pentecostal Holiness that owes more to the primitive, shamanic exorcism of Africa, South America than to the Catholic Rite. But I also am familiar and have participated and observed exorcism of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal as well as the Protestant Deliverance Ministries.  I use the term Deliverance to distinguish a type of Exorcism.  The word Deliverance turns my stomach.  

I prefer to use exorcism because the word is brutal and harsh and ugly just like the ritual itself. How we talk about these things, the words we use are very important.  Rather than adopt the words Christians use, we need to speak with greater precision.  

One of the words we have to stop using is 'spirituality.'  The correct term is superstition.  We need to insist on the term in our discussions.

Just as we need to insist that the opposite of Reason is not Faith.

The opposite of Reason is Irrationality.

The battle line is not drawn between Faith vs Reason.

The line is between Reason vs Madness. 

Our Enemy...another term we need to introduce to the conversation... wants to use polite terms like Deliverance instead of Exorcism, Spirituality instead of Superstition and Faith instead of Madness.

Our Enemy has no problem with using military terms in their superstitious propaganda.  In their writings the say we are Possessed by Evil Spirits.  As an Exorcist Survivor there estimation of us is simple and blunt:

We are people who have chosen Satan over God.

As active Atheists we are the Minions of the Anti-Christ, servants of Satan.

We once were slaves of superstition and now, through the light or reason, we are free.

We are free and places an obligation upon all Atheists but in a special visceral, gut-wrenching way on Exorcist Survivors.

We are the Walking Wounded in the war between Reason and Madness.

"Vengeance is mine, I will repay" saith the Lord.

But when you come to realize the Lord doesn't exist, then vengeance is your responsibility.

When you are free and look back at all those left behind in slavery...

When you are free you fight back.

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